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The New way to build harmoniously effective teams is through Energenic Leadership


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Miyako Hazama

Speaker | Energy Expert | Coach

In this day and age, stress and uncertainty are rampant. This is creating a reactionary workforce. The problem with that is the instability of what is needed to build an effective team.

How does today’s leader navigate ambiguity while cultivating the energy needed to lead with intensity and conviction?

Miyako helps leaders tap into the Asian ancient secrets and energenic foundational principles that have been effectively used for centuries. These philosophies have helped to create more harmonious work environments that start from the top and cascade to extended teams.

As a result, each person brings their best to positively impact and uplift each other’s energy at work.

The benefits include more feelings of fulfillment, bringing higher productivity and creativity to their roles.

Keynote Topics for Leading Edge Organizations


New Era of
Energenic Leaders

How leaders can navigate ambiguity while cultivating the energy needed to lead with intensity and conviction.

Overcoming the Unspoken Barriers for Women in Leadership

Why skilled women in leadership are leaving. How organizations can preserve their best assets.

How to Cultivate a More Harmoniously Effective Team

Miyako shares how today's leaders can create a more harmonious work environment that starts from the top and cascades to extended teams.  

What our clients are saying…

"My Symptoms have Subsided. Really Life Changing!"

I have been dealing with low energy, hot flashes, and night sweats for over a decade. I discovered that I could apply simple practices and bring back my inner peace, my confidence, my vitality, and lots of energy.

I can't recommend Miyako enough for your women, and your company, who are approaching that phase of mid-life and have so much more to contribute.

Keenah Armitage, Broadway Actor, Mindset & Business Coach for Professional Performers, Disney Teaching Artist

"...Energetically having a great cleansing!"

"My key takeaway was being able to cleanse the stuff. Miyako showed me this technique where I could literally not have to carry the energy, ick, or the yuck of all of that... but energetically having a very great cleansing!

There's a lot of truth, skill, depth, and knowledge that is very helpful for people who work with her."

Val Hemminger, Divorce & Family Lawyer

 "I feel a lot more confident and a lot more prepared to deal with anything."

Steven Weisman M.A., Certified Creative Transformation & High-Performance Coach, Co-Founder/CEO at Naturally Weis.

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