Energenic Life DesignTM

We’ll work together to...

Elevate your energy from the inside to make you feel better, look better, and love yourself again.

I will guide you to access your energy at a cellular and subconscious level.


Energenic Life DesignTM

The only comprehensive energetic life design program covering the four pillars of Daily Energy Accelerators.

  • Reprogramming your subconscious mind

  • Learning to breathe properly 

  • Rejuvenating yourself as you sleep 

  • Projecting your energy

I will bring all my learning on Pan-Asian philosophies and practices, including the special Japanese Ki-expert breathing method, Eastern medicine, and real-life business world practices, and present you as one practical program. 

As I love to say: regardless if you’re 45 or 65, it’ll work for you even if you're too busy going to the gym from the comfort and convenience of your own home.

Here are our options for working together

My programs are designed to fit into your busy schedule and preference. Just choose the one that works best for you! Here they are:

discover their natural power to stay healthy and young stay young and healthy


Coaching Calling Card

Check out my popular 1:1 “coaching calling card.” For an entire hour, you’ll get the benefit of personalized coaching to accelerate your inner engine to maximum power when you need it the most. Just ring me when you need it.

Want to see if we’re a good fit and how I can help you? I offer a 20-minute Energy Discovery Call (Value of $150). All you have to do is to fill out the form below. 

Book My Energy Discovery Call
natural way to stay healthy and young

Menopause Relief SecretsTM

Open for Women Only

But, if you're serious about improving your energy and health now, join the waitlist for my Group Coaching Program, and be the FIRST to get notified when the doors are open!

This 7-week group coaching program will transform your energy from the inside.

This is open only for ladies who know they can achieve more but feel stressed out and lack the energy they need.

If you feel like something is holding you back and keeping you stuck, this program is the fast track to get more energy so that you can move strongly forward. 

This program helps you stay healthy, be confident, and have more success in all areas of your life.  

This is the only comprehensive Energenic Life Design program covering all the four pillars of daily energy accelerators;

1. Subconscious reprogramming

2. Energetic breathing

3. Sleep for rejuvenation

4. Energy projection

I want to Join the Waitlist
discover your natural power and stay healthy and young

Energenic Life With TRUE Breathing®

This one is an invite-only-based membership.

To those of you who have already been to one of my programs and want to achieve the next level of energy expansion with the advanced techniques of TRUE Breathing®, this membership is beyond valuable.

What you’ll get:

  • Two LIVE training sessions every month.
  • Added practical advice and expertise in each of the Four Pillars from Energenic Life Design™ every month.
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