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Ready to Elevate Your Energy from the inside to Make You Feel Better and Love Yourself Again? 

Here are our options for working together

My programs are designed to fit into your busy schedule and preference.

Because based on my corporate experiences and working with women internationally, I know how much your time is worth doing all the work and performing while taking care of your kids, family, and even your lovely pets, right? ๐Ÿ˜‰ 

Together we'll co-create one of the most amazing experiences, of knowing and actually feeling how brilliantly your body works for you. So you can be in the lasting flow of abundant energy. A life force that will support you and your dreams as you enter your prime years. 

Choose the one that works best for you! Here they are:

natural way to stay healthy and young

Design My Prime

1-on-1 Single Session Package

This Design My Prime is the best way to find out what’s really happening to you and how to fix it. 

You have unique situations and conditions that are specific to you. That's why this is designed to get the 1-on-1 full attention you need in a relaxed, private environment.

You'll get the full diagnosis, a personalized strategy, and an action plan to overcome your challenges and receive a 2-week personal follow-up by Miyako.

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discover their natural power to stay healthy and young stay young and healthy

1-on-1 Unlock Your Energy Coaching 

Ready to unlock your full potential and unleash your energy? With this personalized coaching program, you'll receive 60-minute sessions tailored to your unique needs and challenges.

Miyako will guide you to unlock your physical, mental, and emotional energy blockage and start living your best prime years with more vitality using the Energenic Life DesignTM System.

Schedule a 15-minute Connection chat to see if we're a great fit and to learn more about how "Unlock Your Energy Coaching" can help you unlock your full potential and achieve your goals.

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natural way to stay healthy and young

Menopause Relief Secrets

Group Coaching (7-week)

Currently closed - open a few times a year

This 7-week group coaching program is the fast track to help you release the perimenopause or menopause challenges quickly AND transform your energy from the inside.

Specifically designed for the busy women over 40 who feel like the change in life is holding them back. 

This program helps you uncover your inner power to feel better, be healthier and fit, and return your true confidence in yourself and your body. 

Join the waitlist for my Group Coaching Program, and be the FIRST to get notified when the doors are open!

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Turn On Your Energy Engine with Energenic Life DesignTM

Alleviate annoying symptoms, feel more energized, and even age youthfully

With Energenic Life DesignTM

The only comprehensive energetic life design method that lets you practically apply the 5 pillars of life energy that activate and rejuvenate all the trillion cells in your body.

  • Energenic Breathing - using the ancient Asian secrets of breathing

    So you can feel fully relaxed and activate energy flow in your entire body to get relief quickly

  •  Cellular Visualization
    So you can navigate all the trillions of cells in your body to regenerate and form your desired body

  •  Rejuvenating Sleep
    So you can feel fully refreshed every morning you wake up and feel more vitality throughout the day

  •  Energenic Nourishment
    So you can enjoy eating, have more energy, and get the desired body without a restrictive diet or fasting

  •  Intelligent Body
    So you can tap into the hidden inner power and open up the fountain of inner youth to age youthfully and gracefully

Specially designed for modern women with busy lifestyles.๐Ÿ‘œ

These Stories Can Be Yours

Here are just a few stories of what people say about Miyako.


"The exercises were all simple and easy to do. But they were so effective. I've absolutely loved working with Miyako."

Rachelle H, Surface Pattern Designer & Mentor


"Miyako's exercises are really beautiful and so easy to do every day. I feel energetic and vibe. It's really, really amazing. Thank you so much."

Sorina S, Business Owner


"Miyako's program has literally shifted everything in my life. Thanks to this whole breathing and energy, I am able to get my energy-filled all the time!"

Mirana R, Transformational Product Coach


"The benefit I get in this course is to listen to the voice of my body. And now I can manage my fatigue and my mind and body are dramatically changing. I'm so glad that change happened not by the supplements or cosmetics but by practicing the breathing methods every day."

Fumiko, Translator

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Miyako’s friendly and playful style of communication is sure to connect with your audience’s mind and body at a cellular level. Miyako has been a featured speaker for podcasts, and more…

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