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2018 High Performance Academy "My Big A-Ha"


I recorded this video yesterday on the last day of High Performance Academy held from September 19 to 23 at Phoenix, Arizona.

I knew the reason why I came all the way from Japan on a flight for nearly 10 hours because I got the key message from the event.

  1. Never let your past or your circumstances limit your vision for the future
  2. Start before you get ready
  3. Confidence is not something you already have, but something you generate    (Those are the teaching from our mentor, Brendon Burchard.)

This big-aha was especially meaningful, and I could vividly associate with my story at this stage in life. Up until last year, I have been working for a large Japanese corporation for 34 years, and after attending one of Brendon’s event, I decided to leave the company to become a solo entrepreneur as a high performance coach and the breathing coach at the age 54.

In July, I took a personal stylist Diploma at the London College of Style and became a personal stylist. Because I made those series of bold steps, not limiting my future based on my past and I was in motion before I was fully ready as Brendon said, I am now experiencing an entirely different level of life looking toward my new future.  What seems to be a crazy dream, to help the people around the world to get energized and enjoy life with passion, has become so much accessible now.

It is true that confidence is what we generate based on the firm belief from the past experiences that we can always figure things out.

So believe in your vision for the future, and take actions before you get ready. You can always generate and amplify your confidence on the way to achieving your dream.