The 3 Biggest Mistakes - Setting Intentions for 2021


Have you already set intentions for 2021? How are they working for you after a week? 

As far as our goals go, statistics show that by the first week, 27% of us abandon our goals. At the two-week mark, 31% of people quit.

For me, after many years of bitter lessons that I’ve learned during my corporate career, I now know that setting intentions is more effective and powerful to follow through than writing goals. 

So when setting intentions, what are the 3 biggest mistakes that people often make?  

Based on my 30+ years of experience as an energenic coach, what I've observed are:

  • Without "Kokoro-zashi" (This is a Japanese Kanji symbol for something really important.)
  • Just a list of many wishes
  • Not using their entire body 

Watch this video and make your intentions even stronger by injecting your energy. 

What if you can make intentions even stronger by injecting your energy? 

Try this out and I’d love to see your amazing expansion in...

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How To Be More Present


Have you ever had a moment when you felt like this?

  • I’m always chasing something, the next thing...
  • My mind is racing. I can’t focus on what's in front of me...

If you're already noticing that "you're not present," let me applaud you. Because many people don’t even recognize what they are doing.

Back in my corporate days, one time, I had lunch with my close friend. But I didn't remember the conversation with her or even what I had on my plate!

Because I was out of focus, thinking about the frustrating conversation I had with my boss just before I met her...

Can you relate?

How about you? Are you being in the moment when you are having conversations with your spouse, kids, or your family over dinner? 

Have you considered that feeling present is a choice... 

Yes, we can make a choice at every moment...

But it's not easy ... 

So, what can we do instead? 

Check out this short video.

When you watch this video, you'll know how to be more...

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How To Deal With Energy Vampires


Have you ever dealt with energy vampires? You might see them often around you.

They drain your energy after the conversation and even make you wonder why you feel so low or shaky.

Do you want to know the categories of vampires that drain your energy? How can you take the first step to block those vampires energetically?

Here are the 3 main categories:

  • Preditor
  • Drowning Person
  • Iago

The Predator is the category that is very easy to notice. They catch you and have a clear intention to attack you. They send their negative energy to you. 

The second category is the Drowning person. They are in such low energy mode and want to grab someone's arm and take that person together down deep. 

The third category is the Iago type. These are the people who, on the surface, look nice and kind but have something underneath. 

Just think about this…

Who is allowing that to happen? Attracting them energetically?

Check out the full video here, “How to Deal with Energy...

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How to Have a Difficult Conversation


Have you ever waited too long to discuss any problem with someone?

In this video, I talked about a difficult conversation you must face at some point in our daily life.

I shared the strategy recommended by Shannon Thompson in the blog issued by High Performance Institute (check the link in the comment) and also my tips from the energy-communication perspective.

Let’s work on your thing, any kind of difficult conversation that you’ve been avoiding for a while. 

I walked you through, the three checkpoints we need to confirm before entering into any difficult conversation and the strategy of following the four stages:  

  1. “What happened” conversation
  2. “Feelings” conversation
  3. “Future” conversation
  4. “Identity” conversation 

If you want to learn more about the strategies of high performers and discuss your particular issues, contact me with a Messenger so that we can set up a strategy call. 

Try your new...

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How Not to be Overwhelmed by Your TODO Items

Do you use a TODO list?

I used to list up 20 TODO items in the morning, chased by the meeting after meeting schedule as a deputy general manager of a procurement division. Unexpected claims from marketing and sales divisions got in the way so I couldn't complete all. I felt ashamed, feeling not enough. The heavy cloud of lack was taking my energy.

After learning the habits of the high performers from the book and the online course, I changed my strategy. Every morning, I wrote down the top three projects that were important for me to give focus. Also, I made sure to include the one that was coming from my heart desire.

With this new habit, I felt more productive than before. I can say to myself, "I'm moving. I've done my best learning and taking actions. I'm getting closer to my goal!"

Give yourself a hug and say, "I've done a job. I'm getting better", and try the new strategy from tomorrow to start feeling productive again!


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2018 High Performance Academy "My Big A-Ha"


I recorded this video yesterday on the last day of High Performance Academy held from September 19 to 23 at Phoenix, Arizona.

I knew the reason why I came all the way from Japan on a flight for nearly 10 hours because I got the key message from the event.

  1. Never let your past or your circumstances limit your vision for the future
  2. Start before you get ready
  3. Confidence is not something you already have, but something you generate    (Those are the teaching from our mentor, Brendon Burchard.)

This big-aha was especially meaningful, and I could vividly associate with my story at this stage in life. Up until last year, I have been working for a large Japanese corporation for 34 years, and after attending one of Brendon’s event, I decided to leave the company to become a solo entrepreneur as a high performance coach and the breathing coach at the age 54.

In July, I took a personal stylist Diploma at the London College of Style and became a personal stylist. Because I...

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Believe in Your Goal Image

When a senior co-worker gave a farewell speech, he was in a dark grey suit the eyes full of tears. He left the office with a bouquet of flowers. We thanked him and wished him a bright future, but I couldn't see his spirit from the back of his grey suit. He left his soul somewhere in the company.

I was 24. At that moment, I made a vow to myself not to lose my soul at work. When I leave, I would say goodbye to my fellow workmates and graduate from the company with excitement and joy like a 20-year-old girl.

When I finally left the company after 30 years, at the farewell party, I shared this story with my young workmates. I realized that I was true to my vow. During all these years of struggles and accomplishments, this vow supported me to be at the finishing line just as I imaged and believed. I left the company with a big smile.

Believe in your goal image. Your inner energy will support you on the road.

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Do You Have a Dream?

Do you have a dream?

When I left the company I worked for 34 years at 54 and decided to transform my career into a high performance coach, a breathing coach, and a personal stylist, people around me said, "Oh, you're brave!"

I simply followed my heart’s desire.

A friend in 50s said, "I envy you.” I asked, “Why envy? I’m leaving the company. I haven’t achieved anything yet.” She answered, “Because you have a dream."

Her face was serious. When I looked at her, I saw a feeling of sorry for her true self.

In our workplace, people don’t often share their dream outside the scope of the corporate mission and objectives.

I cheered her on with all my energy and said, "A dream will not find you today. Start asking yourself, what is it that I am so attracted? What do you love most in your life? What do you like to accomplish more?"

Send your energy to that direction and draw them closer to you every day.

 Cheers to your dream!

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A Karaoke Stretch Goal for My Parents and Father-in-Law


As a high performance coach, I love to test great teachings and tips in my daily life.

Today is about the stretch goal. How can I spend an exciting and joyful time together with my 90-year-old father-in-law, 88-year-old father, and 82-year-old mother?

I planned a Karaoke party. Two weeks before the party, I asked them to select a signature song and to prepare for my iPhone video recording. They laughed but got serious.

Now the Karaoke party! Can you feel the vibrancy and passion they poured into the songs under a little pressure? It's amazing how they are attached to the playful and challenging spirits. Would you like to try? So much fun!

Even for a family party, the stretch goal worked. When we set a stretch goal, we cannot be the same as yesterday and must do something different from today. If we say, "Yes, I will do it!", our energy expands no matter how old we are. Let's set a stretch goal with fun!

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Welcome, Negative Self-Talk! Welcome, Frustration!

When I noticed a gap between my projection and the reality that I was not achieving at a pace I wanted, I feel frustrated. I heard myself saying, "You don't have enough skills and expertise. Your plan was too optimistic." There is a resistance in me to accept that I am not good enough.

These negative self-reactions are connected to my old triggers, past failures, the criticism from others or common sense.

After several weeks of focusing on my negative self-reactions and the feelings attached, I noticed the following:

  1. Negative self-reactions consume my energy and arise when I am not in motion with positive energy flow
  2. When observing your emotion closely, they are noticeable
  3. They work as the yellow cards trying to warn me that I am not here and present

So, what can we do to change the gear toward our positive energy?

- Breathing exercise: Breath deeply three times; reconnect to our body energy.

- Ask, "What do I need to focus now? What is important for me here and right now?"


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