Do you have a clear image of your ideal body?


Do you have a clear image of your ideal body?

It's not surprising that so many people I talk to don't have a clear image of their ideal body.

I get it. 

Because when you're 40 or up, it feels a little scary and embarrassing to even think about your "ideal" body shape or physical state. 

Have you ever noticed that there is a part of you telling that it isn't possible or it's not your story?

In this video, I talked about why it's crucial to have a clear image of your body, especially after reaching a midlife point. Once you have that image implanted in your subconscious, it will be your blueprint for regeneration to get a healthier, fitter, more powerful body.

Do you want to stay in the wrong version of yourself, or are you willing to discover a new possibility to mold your body to become an energetic, younger version of you?

This "Self-Image" is the pillar No1 of Miyako Energenic Life Design.

If you are serious about stop leaking your energy and turn on your cellular...

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Have You Checked Yourself in the Mirror?


When was the last time you looked at yourself really closely in the mirror?

I get it. 

When I got 30 and up, looking at myself in the mirror made me feel a little uncomfortable. I even found myself avoiding it!

Can you relate?

But after all these years of practicing daily little habits that keep me in shape and stay healthy and vibrant, I realized that checking myself in the mirror is the most precious gift you can give yourself.   

You may probably already noticed that when you go to the doctors, in this day and age, many doctors even don't see your face or body. They just read the numbers and prescribe medicines...

So what can you do to protect your health with simple daily care?

Watch this video to learn the 5 facial points you want to check every single morning. 

As you practice it daily, your skill of observing yourself will improve dramatically. 

And you know what?  You'll get to love yourself even more.

Take time and allow yourself to see your...

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