Is WHAT You Eat All That Matters?

energy food stay young Oct 11, 2019

Check this video on HOW to eat. 

I've learned the habits you should develop from my 93-year-old breathing teacher. He is still maintaining an extreme level of energy.

I'm still working on them in every meal. 

Here are the 3 Eating Habits You Need to Check.

  1. Chewing: Chew 30 times before you swallow
  2. Posture:  Stay upright and breathe deeply 
  3. Emotion: Choose to stay happy and calm during your meals

As one of my mentors, Brendon Burchard would say, "Common sense is not always common practice."  So, let's be conscious about HOW you eat and practice them daily to stay young and healthy!

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What Can You Celebrate Today?

We celebrated our 27th wedding anniversary last week!

We didn’t go out. Just like our regular weekend menu, we had our favorite Sardin fillets with tomato sauce, stir-fried broccoli and lotus root, five grains rice and miso soup, with a bottle of red Spanish wine.

It’s nice to have an anniversary to reflect on our long journey together. But, at our age of 57 and 56, we still believe that our future is much more exciting than the fix old past!

We're grateful for having enough energy and passion for looking forward and support each other to reach for our dreams.

One of the strategies that have been working well for our growing relationship is to celebrate something small every day. When we decide to celebrate something little daily:

  • Our conscious and sub-conscious minds start to search to fill in the contents
  • The focus of attention naturally moves to the positive side
  • The emotional and physical energy boosts and expands between us

You may be doing this already, but if...

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Edible Chrhysanthemum Lights up Your Table

energy food living Oct 23, 2018

Have you tried edible flowers? Maybe you've had some with your green salads or organic appetizers. In Japan, edible chrysanthemum is our favorite traditional food on the market during autumn.

Rich in Vitamin B2, C and E, and chlorogenic acid, now getting more popular as a healthy food with the benefit of antioxidant protection.

 Just boil the flower petals for a few minutes with a spoonful of vinegar, take them out from the boiling water, add vinegar and soy sauce.

I love the color, sweet and slightly bitter taste, and herbal scent of chrysanthemum. Thanks for the breeders worked hard to improve the edible varieties; they bring joy to our senses. I hope you can try them someday, maybe in Japan!

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How about a Cup of “Apple and Beans in Hot Wine”?

energy food living Oct 09, 2018

It's autumn! What will you be drinking to feel joy on a bit cool day?

From the wisdom of eastern medicine, I learned the importance of warming up my body from inside especially during this time of year to boost metabolism.

"Apple and beans in hot wine" is my favorite drink.

Roast black soybeans in a saucepan, pour red wine, add chopped apples, water, and cinnamon stick, and simmer for 20 minutes. To finish, add celery leaves to give extra aroma and flavor.

I love the sweet smell of apple and wine from the kitchen while waiting. Makes me feel relaxed and happy at home. After separating the liquid for drinking, I also eat remaining apple source and beans full of fiber. Delicious, healthy diet.

I learned the recipe in a book four years ago, and still, can't miss this homemade drink. Try it!


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