Don't Try to Get Energy

breathing energy food health Feb 22, 2021


Don’t Try to Get Energy From External Sources! 

I bet you know someone who’s obsessed with crystals, sage, incense, and healing gemstones. Maybe that someone is you, and if it is, that can speak volumes about who you are. 

You tend to be kind and loving to...

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Is WHAT You Eat All That Matters?

energy food stay young Oct 11, 2019

Check this video on HOW to eat. 

I've learned the habits you should develop from my 93-year-old breathing teacher. He is still maintaining an extreme level of energy.

I'm still working on them in every meal. 

Here are the 3 Eating Habits You Need to Check.

  1. Chewing: Chew 30 times...
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What Can You Celebrate Today?

We celebrated our 27th wedding anniversary last week!

We didn’t go out. Just like our regular weekend menu, we had our favorite Sardin fillets with tomato sauce, stir-fried broccoli and lotus root, five grains rice and miso soup, with a bottle of red Spanish wine.

It’s nice to have...

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Edible Chrhysanthemum Lights up Your Table

energy food living Oct 23, 2018

Have you tried edible flowers? Maybe you've had some with your green salads or organic appetizers. In Japan, edible chrysanthemum is our favorite traditional food on the market during autumn.

Rich in Vitamin B2, C and E, and chlorogenic acid, now getting more popular as a healthy food with...

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How about a Cup of “Apple and Beans in Hot Wine”?

energy food living Oct 09, 2018

It's autumn! What will you be drinking to feel joy on a bit cool day?

From the wisdom of eastern medicine, I learned the importance of warming up my body from inside especially during this time of year to boost metabolism.

"Apple and beans in hot wine" is my favorite drink.

Roast black soybeans...

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