The Power of Self-Image to Stay Young

anti-aging stay young Mar 19, 2020

Have you ever thought about how you would look and feel like after 10 or 20 years?

If you’re someone who wants to enjoy a long-lasting career in the second stage of your life, please watch this video because you are going to find a trick that you might not try before. 

Most people tend to be just fearful about aging, and not having their ideal self-image in place as they get older. When they start to notice their declining health, they think they are getting old. 

“You can be as old as you feel.”

Scientists say that finding your ‘subjective age’ may be essential for understanding the reasons that some people appear to flourish as they age – while others fade.

That’s why I made this video.


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About Aging - Becoming a Role Model for Younger Generations

anti-aging stay young Mar 07, 2020

I wonder how you feel about aging.

In my thirties, I felt a little fearful and uneasy about how I'm going to look like in forties and fifties.

What helped me greatly to overcome those fears was the existence of great mentors, one of which is Master Kozo Nishino, who is still demonstrating incredible youthful power even at the age of 93. 

I desire to become a good role model, like my mentor, and show young people that they can enjoy life with much deeper maturity and higher energy even as we grow old.

Wouldn't you like to be on that journey with me?

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A Quick Tip to Calm Down Your Mind Before Sleep

energy sleep stay young Jan 24, 2020

Are you getting at least 7 hours of sleep every night?

In this video, I talked about a quick tip to calm down your mind before sleep.

There are only three steps to follow: 1. Write 2. Deposit, and 3. Be grateful.

Just like most of you, I'm chasing my time to get things done before bedtime. So I needed to make it quick and easy. These steps only take 3 minutes, and it is working so well!

Previous research shows that writing helps to lessen our anxiety and even helps to sleep better. A study in the Journal of Experimental Psychology also suggests writing in a journal for five minutes before bed. Another research found that writing to-do lists, rather than writing about completed tasks, helped people fall asleep faster. 

So rather than writing a complete sentence or journaling what you've done on that day, writing "a few trigger keywords" that remind you of the to-do items or your concerns helps you feel at ease. It will lessen any tension in your brain and...

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Give Thanks to Our First Breath


Yesterday was my 57th birthday.

Why do we want to celebrate our birthdays?

In my short video, I talked about a valuable lesson I learned from my breathing teacher, Kozo Nishino.

Through the breath I take on my birthday, I feel so grateful for everything everyone around me.

I want to thank my family for their love, and thank you for your friendship.

On your next birthday, please remember to celebrate the first breath you took on this planet.

Wishing you and your family a Merry Holiday!

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What Attracts Me Most About Our Energy

breathing energy stay young Nov 23, 2019

One question I often been asked from the beginners of our breathing class is, “Do I have energy?” This always surprises me.

In this video, I shared three points that still fascinate me based on my 30-year experience of exchanging energy with over a thousand students in the breathing class.


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How Breathing Changed My Life

breathing energy stay young Nov 08, 2019

In this video, I talked about how breathing changed my life.

I healed my allergy with breathing, but what’s more important is that I learned how to access my "inner energy" by changing my breath.

By practicing simple daily things like breathing, we can maintain our mobility in our later stage in life, doing whatever we want or traveling anywhere you like. And protect our dignity. 

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What's Your Meaning of Staying Young?

stay young Nov 01, 2019

What Does Staying Young Mean to You?

I talked about the meaning of staying young for each of us. 

The one keyword I shared from my experience was “dignity.”

We all know that staying young doesn’t happen overnight.

The people who found the clear meaning and emotional value of staying young and how it means to their lives are committed to taking action, investing their time and energy to take care of their body and mind daily. That will totally change their quality of life.

What are your stories and the meaning? What can you do today?

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Is WHAT You Eat All That Matters?

energy food stay young Oct 11, 2019

Check this video on HOW to eat. 

I've learned the habits you should develop from my 93-year-old breathing teacher. He is still maintaining an extreme level of energy.

I'm still working on them in every meal. 

Here are the 3 Eating Habits You Need to Check.

  1. Chewing: Chew 30 times before you swallow
  2. Posture:  Stay upright and breathe deeply 
  3. Emotion: Choose to stay happy and calm during your meals

As one of my mentors, Brendon Burchard would say, "Common sense is not always common practice."  So, let's be conscious about HOW you eat and practice them daily to stay young and healthy!

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Why I Created Staying Young with Energy on Facebook

stay young Sep 20, 2019

I wanted to introduce myself and share why I created Staying Young with Energy on Facebook.

Check it from here.


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