The 3 Biggest Mistakes - Setting Intentions for 2021


Have you already set intentions for 2021? How are they working for you after a week? 

As far as our goals go, statistics show that by the first week, 27% of us abandon our goals. At the two-week mark, 31% of people quit.

For me, after many years of bitter lessons that I’ve learned during my corporate career, I now know that setting intentions is more effective and powerful to follow through than writing goals. 

So when setting intentions, what are the 3 biggest mistakes that people often make?  

Based on my 30+ years of experience as an energenic coach, what I've observed are:

  • Without "Kokoro-zashi" (This is a Japanese Kanji symbol for something really important.)
  • Just a list of many wishes
  • Not using their entire body 

Watch this video and make your intentions even stronger by injecting your energy. 

What if you can make intentions even stronger by injecting your energy? 

Try this out and I’d love to see your amazing expansion in...

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The Story of a Baby Falcon - The Lesson I Learned


Have you recently tried to save a little animal that you met by chance?

This week’s story is about a baby Falcon. 

When I heard this story from Vivianne, a dear client of mine, it suddenly warmed my heart. 

I know I needed to share this beautiful story with someone who might be waiting to hear this message from me. Maybe it’s you …, maybe not ...

But when I sat in front of the camera, the words didn’t come out easily. I stuttered a lot, trying to find the right words. I kept checking in my emotional vibe, thinking whether I was conveying my energy of gratitude in a way that you can receive. 

I did terrible in the video, but here it is. 

Because I believe that you might be the one who needs to hear the message.  

It may sound like a sad story to you. But it’s NOT. 

The lessons I learned…

Whenever you give out of pure unconditional love, somebody will receive that energy from you. 

Your energy flows. Let...

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How To Deal With Energy Vampires


Have you ever dealt with energy vampires? You might see them often around you.

They drain your energy after the conversation and even make you wonder why you feel so low or shaky.

Do you want to know the categories of vampires that drain your energy? How can you take the first step to block those vampires energetically?

Here are the 3 main categories:

  • Preditor
  • Drowning Person
  • Iago

The Predator is the category that is very easy to notice. They catch you and have a clear intention to attack you. They send their negative energy to you. 

The second category is the Drowning person. They are in such low energy mode and want to grab someone's arm and take that person together down deep. 

The third category is the Iago type. These are the people who, on the surface, look nice and kind but have something underneath. 

Just think about this…

Who is allowing that to happen? Attracting them energetically?

Check out the full video here, “How to Deal with Energy...

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How to Move Away From Anger

breathing personal-growth Jun 07, 2020

Does someone or something trigger you right now?

In this video, I talked about how to move away from anger.

Back in my corporate days, I used to get angry very easily, triggered by the words of my boss or co-workers. Many of them are related to gender discrimination which I fought for throughout my corporate career. 

But one day in my 30s, I saw my face in the mirror.

There I found a distorted, unhappy, face of a woman. Not fully enjoying her life...

If you can resonate with this, watch this video.

Check your face in the mirror and see what you see in it.

Take care.

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Give Thanks to Our First Breath


Yesterday was my 57th birthday.

Why do we want to celebrate our birthdays?

In my short video, I talked about a valuable lesson I learned from my breathing teacher, Kozo Nishino.

Through the breath I take on my birthday, I feel so grateful for everything everyone around me.

I want to thank my family for their love, and thank you for your friendship.

On your next birthday, please remember to celebrate the first breath you took on this planet.

Wishing you and your family a Merry Holiday!

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The One Truth I've Learned from My Breathing Teacher


Have you ever had an experience that one word from someone completely changed the way you look at things in the world? 

In this video, I talked about the one truth I've learned from my 93-year-old breathing teacher.

Whenever I feel I'm stuck, I always come back to this teaching. 


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How to Have a Difficult Conversation


Have you ever waited too long to discuss any problem with someone?

In this video, I talked about a difficult conversation you must face at some point in our daily life.

I shared the strategy recommended by Shannon Thompson in the blog issued by High Performance Institute (check the link in the comment) and also my tips from the energy-communication perspective.

Let’s work on your thing, any kind of difficult conversation that you’ve been avoiding for a while. 

I walked you through, the three checkpoints we need to confirm before entering into any difficult conversation and the strategy of following the four stages:  

  1. “What happened” conversation
  2. “Feelings” conversation
  3. “Future” conversation
  4. “Identity” conversation 

If you want to learn more about the strategies of high performers and discuss your particular issues, contact me with a Messenger so that we can set up a strategy call. 

Try your new...

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Happy Mother’s Day!

Sending love and respect to all great mothers on this planet!

Sayako, my 83 years-old-mother, is the sunshine of our family. Back in my school days, we used to often go to our favorite Chinese restaurant in Yokohama Chinatown for our family weekend dinner. An old Chinese restaurant owner greeted us. Every time we visited there, he loved to hold my mother’s hands and said, “You are like a Kannon, Goddess of Mercy and sunlight.” I believe he was feeling the warmth and motherly energy in Sayako.

She learned to use her Android smartphone and now communicating with her grandchildren using “LINE,” a popular communication app in Japan. She is our family hub.

When I first shared my intention to retire from the corporate job and enter into a totally new field of business as a coach serving international clients, she immediately supported me and pushed me to go on. She still is my biggest cheerleader.

With my two sisters, we are proud to have Sayako as our...

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What Can You Celebrate Today?

We celebrated our 27th wedding anniversary last week!

We didn’t go out. Just like our regular weekend menu, we had our favorite Sardin fillets with tomato sauce, stir-fried broccoli and lotus root, five grains rice and miso soup, with a bottle of red Spanish wine.

It’s nice to have an anniversary to reflect on our long journey together. But, at our age of 57 and 56, we still believe that our future is much more exciting than the fix old past!

We're grateful for having enough energy and passion for looking forward and support each other to reach for our dreams.

One of the strategies that have been working well for our growing relationship is to celebrate something small every day. When we decide to celebrate something little daily:

  • Our conscious and sub-conscious minds start to search to fill in the contents
  • The focus of attention naturally moves to the positive side
  • The emotional and physical energy boosts and expands between us

You may be doing this already, but if...

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Do You Feel You Have Enough Energy? This is for YOU!


Do you feel you have enough energy?

Sometimes we feel we want to have quick access to our energy.

We can breathe deeply, take a walk, jogging, trying some meditation, or fill our stomach with tasty, nutritious plates.

But, one thing that really helps me, and maybe you too is to see the beauty around us. Especially, the bright, vibrant energy of flowers.

Now that Sakura (Cherry Blossoms) season is almost over. This year, I had such a marvelous time with Sakura that I couldn't hold the radiant energy I was blessed to receive from Sakura only within me.

That’s why I created this mini video for YOU to feel that Sakura energy!  

I recorded the videos, but the photos were mostly taken by my 89 father, Eiichi, an amateur photographer. During Sakura season, he went out almost every day to the parks and the streets to capture the peak of Sakura. He was receiving and dancing with Sakura energy!

If you sometimes feel you need more energy, go out to find beauty close by. At...

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