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A Tip for Sleeping Well - How to Grow a Connection with Your Spouse

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What score would you give on your relationship with your spouse or your closest loved ones? We know our relationship affect your sleep and the opposite is also true.

Yesterday, I missed a good sleep.  

My husband, Yasushi, and I went to the breathing class after work. We had dinner at our favorite Izakaya (a type of casual Japanese bar), got on the train together. From the train station, we walked back home separately.

He was reading the Financial Times on his desk, but there was something different. He didn’t answer my questions. I couldn’t figure out what was wrong.

Then right before going to bed, Yasushi uttered, “You didn’t want to listen to me.” I went blank. Then he added, “You were busy listening to your iPhone.”

Oh my god!  That was true!  On the train, I was listening to the webinar I missed during the day. I didn’t want to stop it when I got off the train. I kept listening not to miss a word on the way back home.   

Why haven't I recognized his feelings? I've been coaching my clients to "be present," but look what I've done. My mind was so busy to catch up on my things, and I lost connection with my closest loved one.  My score at that moment went down from 9 to 6 (out of 10).

Now that I realized my own fault, I asked my self, “What is the best thing I can do now to reconnect with Yasushi?” I wanted to take quick action to make it better. With all my heart and with honesty, I apologized to him and vowed to check in my presence more frequently when we spend our time together.

That night, I slept less, thinking over the action I could have taken differently. But because I took the necessary step which I didn’t want to regret this time, we are back on our route the next day, and I could recover good sleep.

Have you experienced something similar with your spouse, your children or your parents? What can you do differently to fix your relationship quickly?

Your quick action would help to ease the pain, rebuild your connection, and get back to sleep faster.

FInd your true sleeping and true you!