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Are You Breathing Through Your Nose?

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Are you aware of how you are breathing right now?

You might probably already heard that breathing through your mouth all the time may cause various health problems, such as snoring, chronic fatigue, brain fog, crooked teeth, or gum disease. It can even worsen symptoms of other illnesses. 

While we are still coping with COVID globally, what I often hear is that many people develop a habit of breathing through their mouths especially while they are wearing masks.  

While breathing through your nose, your nostrils will filter contaminants and particles that come your way.

Would you sacrifice your health by not breathing the right way?

Or would you be more mindful about the way of breathing for your better health?

And you know what?

There is much more about breathing that I'm so passionate about. 

It has the power to bring up your life energy. 

And this hidden power won't show up until you recognize and nurture it for yourself. Nobody can do that for you.

If you want to know more about that special power of breathing, just message me.

With Great Love,❤️




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