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Are You Filling Your Plate with Joy before Serving Others?

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I made countless mistakes during my corporate career. But the one that took my energy away most was this.😥

After being promoted as a deputy general manager of procurement (the first women in this post) in a major Japanese beverage company, I worked hard until late at night and even over the weekends to build my team and achieve our business goals. I really wanted to be a good leader, a role model for my peer women employees.💼

But after 3-4 years, I noticed my level of energy has declined even though I kept practicing the breathing method and was still conscious of maintaining my healthy habits. What was happening to me?

I realized that it came from my wrong, old style of thinking; I needed to sacrifice myself, my own joy to be perceived as a non-selfish leader. I put my energy to fill out others' plate and postponed my self-service.🧠

If you're doing this, it won’t last for a long time. Let’s be deliberate in first filing our energy tank and then share it with others! 🙏

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