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Are You Living the Life You Truly Want?

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Are you living the life you truly want?

You may say, "I'm fine. I have a decent job, I love my family and our dog. I get tired a little but I can handle this."

Well, that's good. But just listen to yourself again. Somewhere in your heart, don't you hear a tiny voice crying out?

In my 40s, I experienced a feeling of a lack, something is missing in my life. I was passionate about the projects at work and enjoyed the relationship with my husband, but when I listened closely to the voice inside of me,  I noticed this "not enough" feeling.

It was a bit scary but when I faced with honesty to the deep cry of my heart, I was able to begin and dig deeper into the self-awareness journey for over ten years. I read motivational books like crazy and attended more than 50 seminars and online courses.

After finding a way to connect with my true self, I could love who I am and who I will be and take a bold action to leave a corporate job and start an entirely new career at 55.

Does my story sound familiar to you? If you want to find out the missing part in your life, watch my free webinar, "How to Upgrade Your Career at 48 and Meet Your True Self." I will share my strategy and the tool that worked tremendously well for me and my clients. 

 As a Certified High Performance coach, I spent the past two full months creating this webinar so that we can find more clarity and get prepared for our next advanced level before losing the focus during the busy holiday seasons. 

Start listening to your true self and calling from within. You are a driver in your life.