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Are You Using Your Hand Sensors?

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Have you ever thought about the sensory function of your hands?

Yes, the movement of your hands like when you play piano, guitar, or your favorite instruments.

When your body is filled with energy and your hands are dancing on the piano board, you might be feeling sensation with every touch of your fingers as if they are communicating with the keyboards. 

Do you know a shortcut to develop your hand sensors?

Well, you probably might not have tried this before...  You can train your hands through deeper breathing.

This is exactly what I learned from my mentor, Master Kozo Nishino, a Japanese ki-expert over 30 years ago. I'm still practicing and nurturing my hand's power. 

He has been telling his students to develop their hands as the most reliable sensors to protect themselves. 

When you breathe deeply in a way that I guide you, your blood will flow naturally throughout your entire body, even to the tips of your fingers.

Watch this video now and think about how you've been treating your hands.  

The truth is, the magical power of your body and your breathing won't show up until you recognize and nurture them for yourself. Nobody can do that for you. 

If you want to know more about the power of my breathing, just message me.



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