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Bouncing Back from Covid: My Top Recovery Tips for Women in Perimenopause and Beyond

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Have you ever grappled with coping with Covid? 

It's one thing to learn about it and quite another to experience it firsthand. Last week, for me, it was all about coping with Covid. 

As someone who has received 2 doses of the Covid vaccine, I want to share some "don'ts" and some of the best tips that truly helped me navigate Covid and find my way back to wellness.

As a woman in my prime years at 60, I understand the unique challenges we face, especially during perimenopause and menopause.

My hope is that if you ever face these challenges, you can apply some or all of these to get relief as swiftly as possible.

Don't 😅 - What I Would Do Differently

Beware of Overwork or Stress:

I discovered that many of my friends who caught Covid were under stress or overwork, consciously or unconsciously.

Stress can significantly impact our immune system.

In my case, I was juggling multiple projects, focusing on my fitness at the gym, and supporting my dad in the hospital.

How about you?

Have you noticed anything similar?

Don't Work When You Have Throat Pain:

It all started with a sudden throat pain in the middle of the night. I didn't take it seriously at first and even went to the gym for an aerobic workout. That turned out to be a mistake.

If you ever experience throat pain, please, don't attempt a strenuous workout.

Rest is your best ally.

My Best Tips for Coping with Covid

🌸 Tip #1 - Catching Fear When it Creeps In

Getting Covid is a different experience from catching the ordinary flu.

Having gone through it myself, I can attest to how it can affect the body if not managed correctly.

During those initial three days of battling fever, throat pain, muscle aches, and headaches, I noticed fear creeping in with every intense symptom I hadn't encountered before.

In such moments, the best gift I could give myself was acknowledging that fear and seeking ways to find relief.

I repeated the mantra, "I'm in the process of healing towards well-being" like a comforting lullaby.

Listening to soothing healing music helped me shift my focus away from the discomfort.

🌸 Tip #2 - Breathing Intently, Oh So Deep

During the first three days, I felt tension around my chest and found it difficult to breathe. I knew that many Covid patients experience respiratory symptoms even after recovery.

So, even in an almost unconscious state during fever, I made a conscious effort to breathe deeply whenever chest pain arose.

I focused on long inhales and even longer exhales, continuously repeating the process. It made me feel better.

My body needed ample fresh oxygen to combat the virus. It's astounding how something as simple as mindful breathing can offer relief during moments of discomfort.

🌸 Tip #3 - Natural Goodies and Nature for Rescue

Here are some key players from my supportive team:

Nutrition: Kiwi fruits and broccoli's for a healthy dose of Vitamin C.

Easing Throat Pains:

A humidifier infused with a few drops of tea tree oil helped ease congestion while gargling with saltwater brought relief to my throat.

I even relied on frozen mangoes to cool off my inflamed mouth and throat.

Cream: Horse oil, a soothing companion during recovery.


As I strolled along the path after self-isolation, the world around me felt unforgettable.

Nature, with its incredible healing powers, had played its part. I can't help but appreciate being a part of this beautiful, natural world.

We're approaching the busiest time of the year in both our personal and professional lives.

So, please take care to stay clear of the flu or Covid, and may your days ahead be filled with joy and enjoyment!

With love and light.


PS: If you are currently dealing with any post-Covid symptoms, feel free to reach me. I'm here to help.

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