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Celebrated My Parents' Birthdays!

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We celebrated my parents' birthdays with my family. My father, Eiichi 89, and my mother, Sayako 83.

I'm the middle of the three sisters, and including my mother, we are still like four high-spirited sisters and going-my-way father. We are so blessed to have the broad-minded parents, always cheering the girls to take in new challenges in life.

Eiichi had a heart pacemaker implant surgery 12 years ago and overcame a stomach cancer nine years ago (took out 2/3 of the stomach). He's now an amateur photographer attracted to express his feelings in the image. Sayako injured her back three years ago but now can move around without much pain. She's an amateur makeup specialist for ladies over 80. A lot of little tricks of covering bruises and wrinkles.

Breathing exercise they continue once a week is helping them, our family, to keep young and generate more energy to feel joy in life!