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Do You Have a Dream?

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Do you have a dream?

When I left the company I worked for 34 years at 54 and decided to transform my career into a high performance coach, a breathing coach, and a personal stylist, people around me said, "Oh, you're brave!"

I simply followed my heart’s desire.

A friend in 50s said, "I envy you.” I asked, “Why envy? I’m leaving the company. I haven’t achieved anything yet.” She answered, “Because you have a dream."

Her face was serious. When I looked at her, I saw a feeling of sorry for her true self.

In our workplace, people don’t often share their dream outside the scope of the corporate mission and objectives.

I cheered her on with all my energy and said, "A dream will not find you today. Start asking yourself, what is it that I am so attracted? What do you love most in your life? What do you like to accomplish more?"

Send your energy to that direction and draw them closer to you every day.

 Cheers to your dream!