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Do You Notice Yourself Procrastinating?

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Do you notice yourself procrastinating?

Ever since I introduced my breathing method to the group of audience at the World Greatest Speaker's Training last November, I've been pondering how can I share the technique I've been practicing for 30 years online with the international students. So, I started to learn about the online business.

My friends asked me to teach them in English (I usually train in Japanese) and this is one of the reasons for my procrastination. But, after I looked deeper into my self-talk, I found that I've been unconsciously comparing myself with 92-year-old breathing teacher.

Because he still has and develops such powerful physical energy, I've thought I need to learn and study more before I present my self with the larger audience. I waited too long to get ready and prepared. I was scared.

One day after the coaching calls on negative self-talk, I suddenly realized that my friends are waiting to learn the breathing method and they want to learn from me! I can never be perfect and still growing to evolve the practice, maybe up to 90s like my teacher, but first I must show up.

That's why I decided to create the free PDF for my breathing method called TRUE Breathing and planning to do a webinar this month for those of you who are interested in regaining energy and vitality by changing the way you breathe.