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Don't Try to Get Energy

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Don’t Try to Get Energy From External Sources! 

I bet you know someone who’s obsessed with crystals, sage, incense, and healing gemstones. Maybe that someone is you, and if it is, that can speak volumes about who you are. 

You tend to be kind and loving to others--but when it comes to making yourself feel better and using your inner power as an amulet, you may find it difficult. You might feel like your own strength isn’t as powerful as the strength of other people. 

For instance, when you feel low on energy, do you instantly go to your external energy supplies--whether those are gemstones, energy drinks, caffeine, or even friends that cheer you up--for help? 

Do you feel like you’ve been draining your energy at work, and have no idea how to get it back?

Have you tried meditation, yoga, and somehow feel like they don’t “work” for you?

If your answers are yes, you’ll find this article helpful. 

Don’t get me wrong. Crystals, incense, and your loved ones are all beautiful external energy sources. However, they shouldn’t be the primary energy sources you should rely on when you’re feeling tired and hopeless. Here’s why.

Whenever you turn to any external energies, you’re sending a message to yourself that says “I’m not enough to be my own place of safety.” 

Is that the message you want to communicate to your body and mind? Probably not.  

When you crave someone (or something) else’s energy, you’re telling yourself that you don’t have it within you.  

From a Law of Attraction standpoint, that means you’re manifesting a “lack” of something instead of abundance. And you get what you manifest. 

I can relate because I used to do the same thing. Back in my corporate days, I used to feel exhausted every single day from working in global business negotiations. After work, I’d go straight to my breathing class, taught by Japanese Ki-expert master Kozo Nishino. When I met him, I noticed straight away that his energy was magnetic. 

And it was funny because I’d get to the breathing class so drained and tired, it was almost like I was feeding off his energy. All of his students relied way too much on his energy instead of their own. 

Can you see what the problem was?

One day, I finally realized something. I thought to myself: “I’m here to just expect receiving energy from someone, and even worse, I’m doing it at a subconscious level.”

So, what’s the solution? 

In order to increase your inner energy, you must first let go of stagnant energy. 

That’s what master Kozo Nishino always told me. 

Trying to increase your energy when you have no space for it is like trying to fill a cup that’s already full. Imagine a cup that’s full of stagnant energy or energy that isn’t useful to you.

Trying to receive more energy is impossible because there’s no space for it inside of you. 

Before receiving any kind of energy, you first need to let go of that stagnant energy. Once you do that, you’ll develop a new path to take in more energy. Useful, powerful energy. 

Let’s see an example. 

When you’re really sick, of course, you must rest and recover so your body can heal properly. 

During the healing process, there comes a time when you’re the closest to full recovery. Your body is 70% healed, and you already have the opportunity to give yourself a slight push to let go of that stagnant, sick energy. 

Trouble is, a lot of people still hold that “lacking” mentality when they’re almost healed and able to return to their normal selves. They’re still nurturing doubts like “can I handle this or that task?”. If they listened to their body, they’d know they’re feeling much better. But sometimes, they may allow their doubt to speak louder. 

My suggestion is to push yourself out and use your body to send your energy out. Once it’s out, you’ll be priming your body to welcome the powerful energy you seek.  

The bottom line is: give it out first and only then allow the fresh energy to come in.

By the way, a great way to let go of stagnant energy is through breathing. And speaking of which... 

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