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Embrace Your Inner Warrior: Serena's Journey through Perimenopause

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Are you a woman over 40 navigating the turbulent waters of perimenopause or menopause? Feeling like your body and mind are on a rollercoaster, and you're just trying to hold on?

You're not alone. This stage of life can bring a variety of challenges, and finding support and guidance to transition through it with grace and resilience is essential.

In a recent episode of the Menopause Wonder podcast, we had the pleasure of speaking with Serena Low, a quiet warrior coach for introverts, about her experiences navigating perimenopause. The impactful insights she shared were truly invaluable.

Serena Low is a passionate advocate for empowering quiet achievers to become quiet warriors. She specializes in working with introverts who tend to shy away from the spotlight and stand on the margins of social circles.


Serena's Perimenopausal Journey: Navigating the Storm

Serena's perimenopausal journey began with confusion and uncertainty. She shared, "First of all, I didn't know I was in perimenopause, but then the more I read about the symptoms, the more it started to make sense."

For Serena, one of the earliest signs of perimenopause was heavy periods that persisted for years.


Redefining Identity: Overcoming Mental and Physical Challenges

Amidst the physical challenges of perimenopause, Serena shares her struggle with accepting her body's limitations.

The mental and emotional toll of battling brain fog and dissociation while driving due to perimenopausal symptoms is tackled head-on. An important aspect of her journey includes the need to separate her identity from her health condition and rewiring her self-talk to foster self-compassion.

Recognizing the need for guidance, she turned to her GP for advice. "I started asking my GP for advice, and then I was given advice to get something done to stem the bleeding," Serena explained.

She carefully considered her options, hoping to find a solution to ease her discomfort.

Eventually, Serena proceeded with a medical procedure that she believed would alleviate her symptoms.

However, the outcome was less effective than she had hoped. Throughout this challenging time, Serena continued to function in her usual way.

She wore multiple hats, one of which involved facilitating an introvert community.


Balancing Act: Navigating Perimenopause and Introvert Community

Serena's commitment to her introvert community was unwavering. Several times a month, she organized in-person events for them in the city.

These gatherings, while essential for her community, took a toll on her energy levels.

Serena elaborated, "Those sorts of events for an introvert take a lot of energy. It means I have to commute to the city, and I don't live near the city. It means I have to curate an itinerary that is suitable for all the needs, catering to everyone's needs, and I need to be switched on energetically to be the greater to be me."

Navigating the demands of her introvert community, coupled with the challenges of perimenopause, required immense strength and resilience.

Serena's determination to continue supporting her community while dealing with her own perimenopausal journey underscores her quiet warrior spirit.

Serena's Wisdom: Embracing Grace and Self-Care

Through her experiences, Serena emphasized the importance of giving oneself grace during perimenopause.

She said, "The first thing that I have embraced for myself is giving myself grace, embracing a lot of grace, giving myself plenty of time, and not over-scheduling."

Her journey serves as a powerful reminder that during this transformative phase, it's crucial to prioritize self-care, listen to one's body, and seek support.

She advocates for the essential practice of self-care, including taking naps to replenish energy reserves.

Recognizing the significance of support, she discusses the importance of creating a comfortable environment to navigate networking events and daily interactions.

Miyako adds to this by highlighting the importance of transitioning from a transactional mindset to one of giving and receiving, encouraging listeners to embrace self-care and receive support during their perimenopause journey.


Serena's Openness and Wisdom: A Beacon of Hope

Serena's openness about her struggles and triumphs during perimenopause provides a powerful reminder for women over 40 to embrace their unique journey through this life stage.

Navigating perimenopause can feel overwhelming, but Serena's words offer a beacon of hope, as she beautifully expressed: "You've just got to trust. You've got to trust the process and know that whatever comes up, you've got the resources within you to manage it."


Seeking Help and Making Changes: Embracing Natural Remedies and Wisdom

Serena's proactive approach to seeking medical help is illuminated, showcasing her willingness to ask for support and the subsequent positive impact it had on her journey.

Her engagement with various practitioners and adoption of natural remedies and lifestyle changes serve as an inspiration to others navigating perimenopause.

The wisdom she gained from older women who had faced similar challenges and her gradual reintegration of physical activities underline the importance of tuning into one's body and removing guilt associated with limitations.


Embrace Your Inner Warrior

Serena Low's journey not only serves as an inspiration but also offers practical insights for navigating this transitional phase with courage and resilience.

Her openness about seeking help, making self-care a priority, and accepting support from others is a powerful reminder for women over 40 to embrace their unique journey through perimenopause or menopause.


Remember, you're not alone. Embrace your worth, seek support, and trust in the wisdom of your body and mind as you navigate perimenopause and beyond. 

As we navigate perimenopause or menopause, it's essential to remember Serena's powerful words, "We've got the resources within us, so we've got to trust every stage our body is going through."

Embrace your quiet strength, find your voice, and stand in your power as you transition through perimenopause and beyond. You can ask for support when you need it.

Much love!

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