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The Power of Breathing: Elevating Energy for Introvert Types - Peri/Menopause Women

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Are you an introvert currently navigating the challenges of menopause or perimenopause? 

If so, you may be familiar with the gradual decrease in energy and confidence that often accompanies this phase of life. While these feelings are common, they can be particularly daunting for introverted individuals.

As a Menopause Energy Mentor, I had the privilege of being a guest on the Quiet Warrior podcast, hosted by the incredible Serena Low. Together, we explored the transformative topic of 'The Power of Breathing: Elevating Energy for Introvert Types - Peri/Menopause Women.'

In this enlightening conversation, we take a deep dive into the remarkable benefits of mastering breathwork to supercharge energy levels, with a special focus on introverts navigating the complexities of peri/menopause—a phase often marked by self-reflection and introspection.

Feeling Drained?

As an introvert, you may already be prone to feeling drained after social interactions or spending time in stimulating environments. The constant interaction and external stimuli can be overwhelming, leaving you with a sense of fatigue that goes beyond the physical.

Now, add menopause or perimenopause into the mix, and you may find yourself feeling even more depleted. This can make it difficult to maintain your usual level of confidence and may even lead to social isolation.

Don’t worry. What follows are like hidden gems – insights and tips that'll light your path, renew your energy, and boost your confidence during this phase of life.


My Journey to Discover the Power of Breath

My exploration into the world of breathwork began during my twenties when I faced significant health challenges. I found myself in a state of physical and emotional turmoil, searching for a natural path to healing. 

It was during this quest that I uncovered the transformative potential of breath through my Japanese ki mentor.

"I was searching for a natural way to heal myself, and that way turned out to be through breathing," - Miyako

Breathwork became my sanctuary—a practice that not only healed my body but also revitalized my spirit. Through conscious breathing, I tapped into a wellspring of energy and vitality, marking the beginning of my journey towards renewal.


Breath for Success

My relationship with breathwork extended beyond personal healing. As someone who identifies as both an introvert and an extrovert navigating the corporate world, I understood the unique challenges faced by introverted individuals.

Breathwork became the catalyst for my personal and professional growth.

For introverts, who often thrive in quieter, introspective settings, the demands of the business world can be overwhelming. Networking events, presentations, and constant social interactions can drain your energy.  I understand that.

My experience may serve as a testament to the transformative power of breath in the realm of careers. It's not merely about healing; it's about thriving and achieving success while staying true to your introverted self.


Embracing Purpose

My journey took a profound turn when I discovered my true calling in my late 50s — helping women over 40 facing peri/menopause challenges. It was a realization that my experiences, struggles, and triumphs could serve as a source of inspiration and support for other women like you.

“I resonated with helping women facing challenges after the age of 40 because they matter.” - Miyako

Discovering your purpose and passion during the perimenopause and menopause phases can bring immense fulfillment. It serves as a reminder that midlife is not solely a period of change but one of growth and self-discovery. 

Embracing your calling could lead to a profound impact on the lives of others and a deep sense of your purpose.


Viewing Introverts

"The challenge for introverts is to trust in themselves and let go of trying to control everything all the time." - Serena.

Serena Low has dedicated herself to understanding the struggles faced by introverted individuals. She is an introvert herself and, through her interactions within the introvert community, has recognized that many introverts have a strong sense of what they want to achieve or change in their lives.

However, progress is often hindered by critical voices deeply ingrained in their minds since childhood.

Serena acknowledges that these voices often remind introverts of their past selves, causing them to hesitate when taking bold steps towards their goals.


The Introvert's Superpower

Serena and I celebrate the unique qualities of introverts and agree that introverts possess an incredible gift—the ability to protect their energy and listen to their inner selves.

"Introverts possess an incredible gift—the ability to protect their energy and listen to their inner selves." - Miyako

While introverts may find social interactions draining, they also possess a remarkable ability to establish strong boundaries and connect with their intuition. These qualities can be harnessed to navigate life's challenges with grace and resilience.


Tips for Introverts to Open Their Energy and Confidence

⭐ Activating Your Energy

“Whenever I'm stressed or anxious, I get very tense in my body, and that's because I notice I'm holding my breath." - Serena

One of the key takeaways from our conversation was the concept of using your breath as a switch to activate your energy.

"Energy can't be static. If you want to shut down or close yourself, your energy level goes down. But if you manage your energy, it flows like a river.” - Miyako

I shared a simple yet powerful technique that can help introverts transition into an energized state when facing challenges or social interactions.

"Just one conscious breath can change your energetic state." - Miyako

Imagine having the ability to shift your energy and mindset with just a single breath in just 17 seconds! It's a practice that empowers introverts to approach daunting situations with renewed vitality and confidence.

⭐ Practicing Letting Go - Surrender

Letting go and surrendering can be challenging, especially if past experiences or anxieties hold you back.

"It's natural to feel scared, but remember, letting go is a practice, not an instant transformation." - Miyako 

⭐ Embrace Your Breath of Renewal

As introverted women navigating the transformative phases of perimenopause and menopause, you possess a unique set of strengths and qualities. It's normal to feel drained or experience a dip in confidence during this journey, but remember, you have the power of breath within you.


3 key takeaways from our conversation:

1️⃣ Introverts have a superpower

Intuition! Introverts are often highly intuitive and have a deep connection with their inner selves. By learning to protect and trust in their energy, introverts can tap into their immense potential and find their own voice in a noisy world.

2️⃣ Energy needs motion

Our bodies and energy are not meant to be static or stagnant. Holding onto energy and closing yourself off can ultimately drain your energy levels. Instead, let go and surrender to the flow of energy. Allow it to move and keep your energy flowing like a river. This can lead to increased vitality and a greater sense of well-being.

3️⃣ Breath is a powerful tool

One of the most effective ways to boost energy levels is through conscious and intentional breathing. Taking deep breaths not only supplies oxygen to the brain but also helps release tension in the body. By incorporating breathwork practices into your daily routine, you can enhance your energy levels and re-energize yourself throughout the day.


Unlocking your superpower during menopause is all about harnessing the power of breath and embracing your introverted nature.

By practicing deep breathing exercises, connecting with nature, and letting energy flow freely, you can boost your energy levels and reclaim your vitality. 

Remember, being an introvert is not a weakness but a unique strength that can guide you through this journey of self-discovery and transformation.

May you find solace, joy, and playfulness in every breath, and your inner radiance is waiting to shine brightly.

➤ Listen to the full interview episode here: The Quiet Warrior Podcast with Serena Low

"25. How Introverts Can Boost Their Energy Using The Power of Breath with Miyako Hazama"

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