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Why Face Yoga Might Make You Look Older

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Have You Tried Face Yoga? 

Because I have, over 10 years ago. 

If you haven’t, here are a few similar examples that might ring a bell. 

Have you ever fallen prey to so-called “miraculous” solutions capable of erasing wrinkles and making you look decades younger? 

Have you ever used products that promised a certain benefit complexion-wise, but got frustrated after noticing your skin hadn’t changed after a long period?

Lastly, do you think the only suitable method for you is something as invasive as facial surgery? 

In case you’ve nodded your head “yes” to any of the above, there’s a reason for that.

As you may or may not know, we’re often tempted to try something shady while intuitively knowing it might not work for us. 

Most people might notice this happens especially when they’re lured into persuasive guarantees of lasting youth. They’re often willing to get their hands on anything that promises to save an aging skin, only to frustrate themselves again. 

If you can relate to these people, keep reading, and you’ll never fall for those tricks again!

I’m here to bring you valuable bits of information about why the previous surface-level methods haven’t worked for you. I’ll also let you know exactly how you can use your own body as your inner fountain of youth, based on my 20+ years of working as an energetic anti-aging expert. 

And since we’re here, I’d like to give you a few words of warning about Face Yoga according to my own experience. Will you come with me? 

Let’s start with a brief definition. 

Face Yoga? What is this?

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In short, Face Yoga is a method developed by Danielle Collins, who has been a Face Yoga expert for over 15 years. The method entails a holistic, daily, and at-home approach to better skin, with exercises including face massages and movements aiming to firm and nourish the skin from the outside in. 

It’s a very interesting concept, indeed. However, as someone who has tried the method, I have a few remarks regarding its overarching techniques.   

I was 40 when I decided to try Face Yoga for the first time. The results weren’t what I expected… 

As an aging lady, I was trying to get rid of the fresh wrinkles I started noticing on my face. I heard about Face Yoga and decided to give it a try and draw my own conclusions from it. 

In essence, I wanted to see if it worked. Because I’m an anti-aging expert (from an energetic point of view), I wanted to share my personal experiences so my clients could make the best decisions for themselves. 

I bought a book on Face Yoga and finally began my training. I tried out all of the lessons, which required me to make a ton of facial expressions, like smiling large and widening my eyes. Basically, the exercises are meant to activate the 43 muscles on your face and get your blood flowing, bringing oxygen to the cells and promoting rejuvenation. So far, so good. 

After 10 days of practicing, here’s what I found. 

I noticed a few deep, vertical wrinkles coming out around my mouth--wrinkles that weren’t visible before. My husband noticed them, too. 

I realized that the exercises were having the opposite effect on me. They were actually increasing my wrinkles because of the number of facial expressions I was doing. 

As a disclaimer, I’m not trying to change anyone’s positive view on Face Yoga by any means. However, because of this particular outcome, I find it pertinent to mention that there are pitfalls to this method. 

Let me share the three pitfalls I spotted:

  • During Face Yoga training, we put repeated pressure and stimuli on specific areas of our faces. That, in turn, could deepen existing lines on your face. For instance, when forcing your mouth open repeatedly, your muscle memory “remembers” the line it has created in order to recreate that expression in the future, and may eventually deepen it due to frequent movement. 


  • We’re stimulating actions that should come from the heart, such as a large smile. In forcing a large smile that’s void of emotion, we aren’t sending that positive energy out into the world. Think about it: have you ever tried putting on a smile when you’re feeling anything but happy? That feels and looks counterfeit. If you want to train your muscles to create a beautiful facial expression, you must pair it with a genuine feeling of happiness, so your positive energy shines through.


  • Face Yoga focuses on specific, isolated parts of the face. When you do that, you might not be focusing on your body as a whole. While you may be focusing on your face, the rest of your body is dormant. In order to glow from within, you must engage your entire body in the process, so the energy flows all over it--not in just one section. If you allow your energy to fully flow, you’ll feel more energized, better, healthier. And that’ll show on your skin.  

Am I telling you to avoid Face Yoga? Not at all! In fact, I’d love you to share your point of view with me. I’m open to all kinds of suggestions. :)

Still, I’d like you to be careful whenever you feel like trying any trendy techniques that promise to make you look younger. Here’s what I suggest. 

How to make sure the techniques you’re trying are legitimate?

Before trying anything new, I always check for the website of the product or method in question and look for the creator’s profile. Does he or she sound like a reliable person? Are they confident about their own method? If the answer is yes, you can move on to the next phase of your research. 

When checking the website, look for answers to the following questions:

  • Do they provide videos demonstrating their technique?  
  • Does the website provide testimonials you can trust? 
  • What’s the story of the method? Can you find any customer success stories you can relate to? 

Make sure to use your intuition and check out whether that expert or instructor is really demonstrating the methodology that they're claiming as being helpful. 

As an example, that’s how I built my trust when I first met my Japanese Ki-expert master, Kozo Nishino, with who I’ve been working for 30+ years. He was in his 60s when I met him, and he looked so young and energetic and fit for his age! So I told him, “I want to learn everything you do to look so young at that age.” And that’s when he started teaching me his secrets, in real-time, using proper demonstrations.  

That type of genuine, unfiltered demonstration is what you should seek whenever considering a new technique. If it doesn’t look real to you, look for something else!

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