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Finding Relief: Self-Hypnosis Techniques for Perimenopause Symptoms

Are you a woman over 40 experiencing sudden physical changes in peri/menopause?

Do you find yourself battling pesky symptoms and seeking natural relief without hormone treatments?

I have a delightful treat for you - a journey into the realm of self-hypnosis with the wonderful Helenita Jacobs, a certified hypnosis professional and holistic health coach.


Helenita's Perimenopause Journey: From Symptom Struggles to Self-Hypnosis Triumphs

Helenita, like many of us, embarked on the tumultuous perimenopause journey in her late 40s. Refusing to rely on hormone therapy, she delved into the world of self-exploration and alternative approaches to find relief for her symptoms.

She discovered the enlightening book, "The Wisdom of Menopause," which opened her eyes to the power of self-hypnosis.

"I learned a huge amount from that book to recognize where my journey was taking me, and getting to the point of hypnosis was really important as I worked my way through."


Lesson Learned: Listening to the Wisdom Within

Perimenopause is not just about physical changes; it's a transformative journey that alters how we perceive life. Helenita's story reminds us to listen to our bodies and be in tune with the shifts within ourselves.

It's not just about symptom management, but also about embracing the opportunities for growth and self-discovery.

Tip: Dive into Self-Discovery and Purpose

As women experiencing perimenopause, we often ponder our purpose and meaning in life. Helenita emphasizes that self-hypnosis can help us connect with our higher selves, unlocking our inner wisdom and finding new purposes that may have eluded us before.

It's a playful exploration of self, where the answers we seek lie within.


Self-Hypnosis Unveiled: Breaking the Myths

Hypnosis might sound too mysterious and even a little scary to some, but Helenita assures us that it is perfectly safe. Self-hypnosis is all about accessing our subconscious minds to bring about positive change and release unhelpful patterns.

"Hypnosis is like anti-virus software for your mind. It allows you to access your subconscious and modify it, helping you change beliefs and habits that no longer serve you."


Lesson Learned: Rewriting Limiting Beliefs

Often, we hold limiting beliefs about perimenopause and menopause, believing it will be a difficult and unpleasant stage of life. Self-hypnosis empowers us to rewrite these beliefs, paving the way for a more positive and fulfilling journey.


Tip: Choose the Right Voice for Your Journey

Helenita suggests trying various self-hypnosis audios to find the one that resonates best with you.

The tone and voice should make you feel relaxed and safe, allowing you to tap into your subconscious with ease.

Remember, it's all about embracing the joy and playfulness of this transformative process!


Holistic Self-Hypnosis: A Journey of Inner Transformation

Unlike traditional symptom-focused approaches, Helenita's holistic self-hypnosis delves deeper. It's not merely about alleviating symptoms but about shifting our mindset and outlook on this life stage.

"Self-hypnosis is not just about removing what's not working; it's about adding new programming that aligns with your true self."


Lesson Learned: Embracing Your Subconscious Wisdom

Our subconscious holds tremendous power and wisdom. Through self-hypnosis, we can harness this energy, releasing outdated patterns and programming while instilling positive beliefs that support our well-being during perimenopause.


Tip: Empower Yourself with Self-Hypnosis

Ready to embark on this fascinating journey?

Helenita encourages us to take charge of our well-being with self-hypnosis. It's not about achieving perfection but rather allowing yourself to explore, be playful, and tap into your true potential.

Perimenopause is a unique phase filled with opportunities for growth, wisdom, and transformation. Helenita Jacobs' story serves as an enchanting reminder that self-hypnosis is a magical tool to navigate this journey gracefully.

Trust in the wisdom of your own subconscious and let it guide you to a vibrant, joyful, and empowered life beyond perimenopause and into the magnificent realm of menopause and beyond!

 "You've got wisdom inside you. Let that wisdom come out."


Embrace the Magic of Self-Hypnosis

Helenita Jacobs' inspiring journey through perimenopause and self-discovery reveals that self-hypnosis is a gentle yet powerful tool to ease symptoms and find purpose during this transformative stage of life.

Embrace the playful spirit of self-exploration, and trust in the wisdom of your own subconscious mind.

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