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Happy Mother’s Day!

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Sending love and respect to all great mothers on this planet!💐

Sayako, my 83 years-old-mother, is the sunshine of our family. Back in my school days, we used to often go to our favorite Chinese restaurant in Yokohama Chinatown for our family weekend dinner. An old Chinese restaurant owner greeted us. Every time we visited there, he loved to hold my mother’s hands and said, “You are like a Kannon, Goddess of Mercy and sunlight.” I believe he was feeling the warmth and motherly energy in Sayako. 🙏

She learned to use her Android smartphone and now communicating with her grandchildren using “LINE,” a popular communication app in Japan. She is our family hub.

When I first shared my intention to retire from the corporate job and enter into a totally new field of business as a coach serving international clients, she immediately supported me and pushed me to go on. She still is my biggest cheerleader.

With my two sisters, we are proud to have Sayako as our mother and Goddess of Mercy. Sayako, thank you so much for believing in us and our bright future! Let’s enjoy our journey together and have more fun!  🎉

How did you celebrate your mother’s day? Have you communicated the message and gratitude from your heart? Let’s make every day a day of respect and gratitude.🌸