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Have You Checked Your Back Silhouette?

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Have you recently had a chance to take a look at yourself from the back? 

I get it. Because most people only check their faces or watch how their clothes fit before going out, right? 

What I’m suggesting in this video is to ask someone to take a photo of your back and check your back silhouette. 

Why is it so important for you? I shared my experience with my husband, who recently recovered from his heart surgery. 

You know what?

Your back will tell you everything. Yes, everything about your body condition.

Your body might already be feeling so exhausted, but your brain is trying hard not to let you accept it. 

I’m inviting you to look at your back photo and be honest about what you see with your clear eyes.

What do you really need at this moment?

Maybe create a space for you on your calendar, or maybe take a few deep breaths now.