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How Does Your Body Feel About 5G

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Welcome to this week's Miyako Energenic Life Design Newsletter!

Are you using 5G cellular phones?

I wonder what you have experienced physically with 5G...

I felt irritative, uncomfortable energy when I was surrounded by electromagnetic radiation.

It's hard to describe, but it was clearly an unpleasant experience I wanted to escape from.

How about you?

In this video, I shared the experience we had with my husband, Yasushi. Not only me, but he also felt the same uncomfortable tenseness and a sort of headache while waiting inside a cellular phone shop. 

I’m not going to discuss the health risks of electromagnetic radiation here, but can you imagine what will happen if you don't listen to the signs of your bodies? 

If your body is rejecting a certain environment around you, unless you protect yourself, it will add on more stress to your mind and body day by day. 

I’m inviting you to pay closer attention to the messages of your body and start taking action toward what feels good for you.  

With deeper breathing and especially the “breathing like a tree” technique that I teach, you can quickly release any toxic energy in your body and take in new and refreshing energy you're meant to enjoy. 

As you probably already know, daily personal care is the key to maintaining your health. Are you really practicing it?

With Great Love,❤️