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How I Got Rid of an Allergy and Developed My Energy with Breathing

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When I started working for a Japanese corporation at 22, it was still a male-dominant workplace. I had to serve tea twice a day, and I could only begin my real work after 5 pm. I worked until late at night, and I gradually noticed I was suffering from allergic rhinitis. My nose was always running, especially during important meetings where I needed to interpret in front of the directors. It was hard to go on.

I still remember those days, but I feel grateful now because it has given me a life time opportunity to acknowledge the real power of breathing and the energy that we all have. Ever since I got rid of my allergy with the breathing exercise I met, breath has been the core source of my energy.

Now at 55, I feel more energy, full of vitality than in my 20s.

I love my body, and I love myself. I hope you're feeling the same, too!