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How Not to be Overwhelmed by Your TODO Items

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Do you use a TODO list?

I used to list up 20 TODO items in the morning, chased by the meeting after meeting schedule as a deputy general manager of a procurement division. Unexpected claims from marketing and sales divisions got in the way so I couldn't complete all. I felt ashamed, feeling not enough. The heavy cloud of lack was taking my energy.

After learning the habits of the high performers from the book and the online course, I changed my strategy. Every morning, I wrote down the top three projects that were important for me to give focus. Also, I made sure to include the one that was coming from my heart desire.

With this new habit, I felt more productive than before. I can say to myself, "I'm moving. I've done my best learning and taking actions. I'm getting closer to my goal!"

Give yourself a hug and say, "I've done a job. I'm getting better", and try the new strategy from tomorrow to start feeling productive again!