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How To Deal With Energy Vampires

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Like the Harry Potter dementors, energy vampires drain your energy to a point where you become exhausted, both mentally and physically.

Has this ever happened to you?

At one moment you’re fine, but in a matter of seconds you start wondering “man, why am I feeling such a heavy, low energy around me?” or “why am I so tired all of a sudden?”.  

It might be just that you didn’t have a great night’s sleep, or maybe even the work environment makes you angry or depressed. Right? Not really. Especially when this sudden “drop” in energy happens for no apparent reason, you could possibly be dealing with energy vampires

Back in my corporate days, I met a lot of them. A lot. That’s why I decided to take on the duty of finding out as much as I can about them and helping you out with your own. After all, they may be the reason for your current low energy levels, and you’re brushing it aside as something completely unrelated. 

Sounds kind of eerie, I know. But energy vampires are no reason for concern--not if you learn how to identify them and deal with them individually. That’s what we’re going to cover, right now. 

Here are the types of energy vampires and how to pinpoint the one who’s causing you trouble, and how not to allow an uncalled-for energetic exchange to happen between the both of you.  

Here are the main categories:

  • Predator
  • Drowning Person
  • Iago

The Predator 

The predatorial energy vampire has a clear, calculated intention of attacking you, especially when you’re feeling vulnerable. 

Photo by Minerva Studio

They’re always like “hmm, who could I possibly send this negative, burdensome energy to?”. And there you are, stressed out (for whatever reason), tired, and vulnerable. That’s a field day for predator types. 

If there’s anyone we can compare them to, it’s that nagging boss who’s always like “Why are you doing this?! Why are you like that?!”. See how they’re directly throwing that negative energy at you, and only you? Out of all people!

But you see, they’re not just attacking you for the sake of it. It’s like in Physics: when there’s a difference in temperature between two sources, this temperature will be transferred from one to the other. It’s the same thing with predatorial energy vampires, who are seeking balance. When throwing that excess negativity towards you, they find a way to feel “better” about themselves. And who better than you, an overworked, stressed-out individual to give that responsibility to?

People Like Drowning 

They do. 

But they don’t like drowning alone--they need to take someone with them. Again, so they can feel better about themselves, and not feel like they’re alone in a situation. 

This type of energy vampire is in such a low mood that they want someone to be in that same place. While they might appear friendly, as someone who wants you to open up, their end goal is to have you sink deep, deep down. 

Ever had to wait outside a hospital room and felt so hopeless you just wanted to drown? Maybe you weren’t even waiting for a loved one or someone you know, but you felt morose for some reason. That’s because hospitals are an example of places that are jam-packed with energy vampires, all around. And if you’re not shielded against negative energies, you’re open to receive the exchange they’re looking for--whether you want to or not. 


You’ve heard of Othello, the tragedy by Shakespeare. The tricky type of energy vampire I’m about to mention has a lot to do with the character Iago, who’s seemingly funny and kind but hides manipulative skills under his sleeve like no one else does. 

Does anyone you know remind you of him?

Despite being a despicable villain, the audience still supports him in some of his actions. He’s smooth, and he knows what he’s doing. Deep down, even behind their kind facade, he’ll trigger you in some way. 

Think about a colleague or an acquaintance who says nice, sugar-coated things, but you know their intention is to trigger you, deep down. It’s that so-called friend who says things like “aw, I love your new haircut. But you’re gonna grow it back, right?”. See how friendly that sounds on the surface, while still letting you know that, hey, your hair looks ugly. Better change that ASAP. That’s manipulative behavior and can drain your energy by directing your thoughts towards the energy of self-doubt, for instance. 

Energy Vampires Want to Feel Balanced. Knowing This Could Help You Protect Yourself Energetically.

All interactions with energy vampires (or the suckers of energy) seek balance, meaning you’re the victim, an infinite source of energy to someone who lacks it. 

The best way to protect yourself and your energy, once you’ve categorized those energy vampires, is by not attracting them in the first place. 

Just think about it…

Whenever you’re in a peaceful frame of mind and feel calm, there’s no way you’d feel triggered by someone’s response or point of view. You’re zen. There’s no energetic response towards you if you let someone’s opinion float away with the wind. 

The same goes for feeling fearful and stressed out. A predatorial energy vampire would make a feast out of that fear. 

Try to notice the times when you’re allowing these things to happen. Maybe you weren’t aware at the time, but you could’ve allowed that colleague to say something bad about you, even if they sugar-coated it. You didn’t stand up for yourself at the time. You just stood there, allowing your energy to be sucked out of you. 

Much like thickening your skin, what you need to do is strengthen the energy field you already have inside of you. Once you feel you’re in a safe place, you’ll have fun observing the energy vampires around you as a third person. You’ll finally realize that what they want is none of your business, so they might as well throw their negative energy somewhere else. 

Energy vampires hurt your energy levels. Your productivity. Your performance. Your self-confidence. But of course, your energy can always be stronger than theirs. And if it isn’t there are available ways to build it up. One of them is by assessing your energetic vitality score.

In just a few minutes, you’ll find out what your specific energy blocks are, and how to deal with them. After that, you’re the one who will be able to block energy vampires from sucking your vitality away. 


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