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🌸 How to take care of eyes daily


Hello, Beautiful Self-Care Sister!

Have you taken a closer look at your eyes lately? I have!

The nights are getting hotter, and while I tried air-conditioning and got new cool pajamas, my sleep was disturbed.😫

And you know what?

My eyes are showing the first signs of tiredness. It's my alert system. How about you?

So, this week's spotlight is on your daily eye care to avoid eyestrain at an early stage.

💡 Research shows that women in perimenopause and menopause may suffer from dry eyes due to hormonal changes. Check out this report for more details: NIH Report.

Ready to give your beautiful eyes some daily love and care?


Here are your 3 secret tips for the week:

🌸 Use a Hot Steamed Towel

You can get a Steam Eye Mask on Amazon, but my favorite is simply to use a hand towel and warm it up in the microwave. When you warm up your eyes, it promotes blood circulation.

Notice how good you feel. I can't miss it!


🌸 Apply Pressure to Eyebrow Acupuncture Points

Alongside your eyebrows, there are pressure points that could help relieve eye strain. Apply gentle pressure and see how it feels.

When my eyes get really tired, I often feel stiffness around these areas. So watch out!


🌸 Let Your Eyes Heal in Darkness

Every night before going to bed, I shut off all the lights, take off my glasses, and stay in total darkness for 30 minutes, looking outside.

Along with my breathing exercises, it helps relieve eye tension much faster. For you, try it with deeper breathing than usual.


Can you allow yourself to try some of these tips on a daily basis?

🥰 Remember, it's always easier to take a little care than to need to fix physical challenges when they worsen.

I'm excited to share the insights and experiences of our sisterhood as we journey together in self-care. 💕

With all the self-care love,