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Do you have a clear image of your ideal body?

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Fall in Love With the Person You See in the Mirror. Let the Miyako Diamond Self-Image Method™ Be Your Guide. 

Have you ever felt terrible about your own image? As if the reflection you see now is much different than what you used to look at years ago when you were younger, healthier, and in your mind, better looking. 

You don’t love what you see in the mirror. You’re too self-critical. Throughout your whole life, you've been exposed to several magazines, movies, and TV shows in which current beauty standards are repetitive and irritating, to say the least.

And there you are, before taking a shower, staring at yourself. You might wonder: “when did I put on this much weight? I didn’t use to be like this”. Or maybe, “I should do something about my looks ASAP”. “I look old, and I’m going to look even older in no time”. You may even consider avoiding the mirror altogether. 

You start comparing yourself to people you know, and even those you’ve only seen through the screen. Some of these thoughts were never on your mind before--not until you started criticizing yourself day after day. 

And that’s especially true if you are:

  • A woman over 45. 
  • An over-doer, too hard on yourself yet too kind to others.  
  • You fall into vicious cycles easily and have no idea how to change that.  

But let me tell you something that will change the way you think and feel about yourself.

With the mindset you currently have, your energy starts vibrating lower and lower. These limiting beliefs you’ve set for yourself that you can’t be something or look a certain way are blocking the path towards who you want to be. 

Do you need surgery to fit unrealistic beauty standards? No. In fact, thousands of people can reach their dream look by using non-invasive methods like Ashley Black’s FasciaBlaster, or even beauty supplements like Nature’s Bounty Hair Skin & Nails.

Plus, do you need to stop looking at yourself in the mirror? Not at all! 

What you need is expert guidance towards unconditional self-love, no matter who or how old you might be. But not just any guidance: you need to stay in full sync with the greatest energy source of all--your subconscious mind.  

Truth is, Your Self-Image Deeply Affects Your Quality of Life. For Better or Worse.  

This situation goes both ways. If you nurture a positive self-image and love who you are, you’re internally programmed for happiness and fulfillment. 

On the other hand, if you don’t love who you are or what you look like, you’re bound to feel discouraged and self-hatred. 

In the words of Kate Fox, author of Mirror, the mirror (a summary of research findings on body image), “strong-minded individuals who reject current standards are more likely to have a positive body image.”

But let’s face it: it’s increasingly hard to have a positive body image with so much media information in our hands. You look at celebrities who share the same age as you, but they look way younger. Happier. Sometimes, it looks like they don’t have any problems in life thanks to the way they look.

After that, you consider trying to fit societal standards, somehow. And if that doesn’t happen, a sense of worthlessness takes over. You think you might never be the person you want to be and discard any type of help because you think it won’t be worth it. “I can’t do anything about it”, you say. So you just accept it as your reality. 

I’m here to tell you that this isn’t true and that your reality is about to change. 

How to Use Your Subconscious Mind to Bridge the Gap Between Current “You” and Your Future Self

Through your subconscious mind, you can achieve everything you’ve been pursuing. Whether that’s a job promotion, a happier life, or a positive self-image, your subconscious is the key to reaching those goals without restraint. 

You might have heard about it, tried to apply techniques you’ve learned, but didn’t reach any results. So you gave up, and maybe even though it didn’t work at all. That means you’ve created a certain resistance towards a better life.

And I’ll tell you why. 

The only thing standing in the way of free-flowing energy to your subconscious mind is nothing but resistance. This resistance is something you create yourself, even if you’re not aware of it. 

Even while you’re trying to manifest the ideal self-image, your subconscious (which is programmed ever since you’re born) is constantly telling you: “you can’t do that!”, “you’ll never be enough!”, “you really think this is possible?”. 

You try to visualize yourself, say, in a wonderful bikini suit, with the body you’ve always dreamed of, and your brain instantly rejects that image. “No way”, you think. “That can’t be me”. And all your hard work of visualization and manifesting goes down the drain.

Is there a way to control that? Or better, is there a way to get rid of those limiting feelings and transform them into positive ones? 

The answer is a loud “yes”. 

Subconscious Reprogramming: A Science-Based Practice That Brings Your Dream-Self to Life.

When you reprogram your subconscious mind, you’re clearing your energy and welcoming everything you’ve always wanted into your life. And when there’s no resistance, these things reach you effortlessly. 

This isn’t guessing. These are facts!

I’m not going to sugar-coat it and tell you this is an easy process. In fact, many people find it impossible to reprogram their subconscious minds by themselves. And that’s okay. It takes a lot of practice, and many people give up when they don’t see any results. 

I’ve noticed it over the years with a lot of my clients. That’s why I’ve decided to create my proprietary method, called Miyako Diamond Self Image Method. With this method, I help people like you form a mental pathway for increased energy generation. 

How Can My Program Help You Become the Version of Yourself You’ve Always Wanted to Be?

I've been applying the Miyako Diamond Self-Image Method™  for years, and it’s in constant evolution. 

Step-by-step, I’ll show you how this method can help you become who you’ve always wanted to be. And most importantly, it’ll help you love the person you see in the mirror every day. 

Letting go of resistance.

Remember when I said resistance is in the way of the current “you” and your future self? 

That’s why the first step in my method is to get rid of any resistance and limiting thoughts you might be having, such as “I’ll never achieve that” or “I’m not good enough for this”.


Then, I’ll help you visualize the person you want to be in feeling, shape, and color. 

What do you want to look like a year from now? For instance,  you might want to look slim and look great in a certain outfit. What I’m going to do is help you visualize the outline shape of yourself, including what you’re wearing (and even the color of it) at the time. So, imagine that you’re wearing a beautiful dress that you love, whether it’s pink or yellow. I’ll help you fully immerse yourself in that vision, so we can successfully reach the next step. 

Digging Deeper Into How You Feel

Now, the question is: how do you feel about the visualization process? You can’t just visualize it. You must feel it. 

This is a very important step you don't want to forget. Rather, I want you to dig deeper into what that feeling means to you. That’s because until you use your six senses and really feel that emotion swelling inside of you, there is no meaning in the Diamond Self-Image™. It’s a combination of mind and bodywork. 

When you visualized your future self, what did you look like? How were you moving? How were you feeling?

Doing this exercise will open you up to a pleasant energy flow. You’ll feel satisfied and embrace an abundance of energy. And when you successfully complete this step, you’ll attract that powerful energy into your life. 

That image, that vision of yourself will then be implanted in your subconscious mind. That’s when you'll be able to see inner perfection in your body. Without judgment, with pleasure, and unconditional self-love. 

Breathing With Your Unconscious Mind. Yes, That’s Possible!

You may probably already know that repetition is the way to mastery, right?

That’s why I’ll guide you through the Diamond Self-Image™ method using our breathing exercise. It will take only a minute or two. We need to be repetitive because you’ll be developing synapses in your brain. Synapses are responsible for helping neurons send impulses or “messages” to  other neurons. And we’re focusing on the right, positive messages. 

What we’ll be doing is strengthening that pathway of your synapses by visualizing your future self over and over again, until you feel no stress or no resistance toward your self-image.

I use a special breathing method called “TRUE Breathing”, which teaches you to breathe like a tree. This is just one of four successful pillars of my method, called the Miyako Energenic Life Design™.

(Learn more about my four pillars) 


A Real-Life Example From Yours Truly

This exercise worked wonders for me when  I was observing my mentor, master Kozo Nishino, and focused on how he moves his body.  I imitated how he moves, even when I was only visualizing it mentally. When I did that, I already had a clear image of how I could move with a light, flexible motion. That’s pretty impressive.


 You’re Already Becoming That Future Self. There’s No Doubt About That.

Becoming your dream version of yourself. That’s exactly where I'm guiding you toward with my Diamond Self-Image™ method. Once you’ve created a future self-image so real and tangible, you’ll be able to invite your subconscious to work toward improvement every time you take a deep breath. 

When combining this method with my powerful breathing techniques, you can expect a wonderful shift in your life.

And that's why this self-image has a compounding effect of elevating your energy to a future vibrant you.