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Is It Ok to Yawn?

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Have you ever tried to stop yawning? 

In my breathing training, many students ask me, "Is it OK to yawn?" 

I get it. For many of us, yawning has a negative connotation. 

Back in my corporate days, I remember feeling embarrassed and worried about looking inelegant when I had an urge to yawn.

But what if I tell you that you need to celebrate when you start yawning. 

Because you are allowing your body to speak up.

What is your body telling you?

What is it that you need to know? 

Yawning is a beautiful sign from your body. 

Listen closely to what your body is telling you now. You will be surprised by how honest your body is.

Can you imagine what happens when you just decide to accept your body’s intelligence? 

Love your body and your body will respond to you!  

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