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A Karaoke Stretch Goal for My Parents and Father-in-Law

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As a high performance coach, I love to test great teachings and tips in my daily life.

Today is about the stretch goal. How can I spend an exciting and joyful time together with my 90-year-old father-in-law, 88-year-old father, and 82-year-old mother?

I planned a Karaoke party. Two weeks before the party, I asked them to select a signature song and to prepare for my iPhone video recording. They laughed but got serious.

Now the Karaoke party! Can you feel the vibrancy and passion they poured into the songs under a little pressure? It's amazing how they are attached to the playful and challenging spirits. Would you like to try? So much fun!

Even for a family party, the stretch goal worked. When we set a stretch goal, we cannot be the same as yesterday and must do something different from today. If we say, "Yes, I will do it!", our energy expands no matter how old we are. Let's set a stretch goal with fun!