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Do You Feel You Have Enough Energy? This is for YOU!

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Do you feel you have enough energy?

Sometimes we feel we want to have quick access to our energy.

We can breathe deeply, take a walk, jogging, trying some meditation, or fill our stomach with tasty, nutritious plates.

But, one thing that really helps me, and maybe you too is to see the beauty around us. Especially, the bright, vibrant energy of flowers.🌸

Now that Sakura (Cherry Blossoms) season is almost over. This year, I had such a marvelous time with Sakura that I couldn't hold the radiant energy I was blessed to receive from Sakura only within me. 🙏

That’s why I created this mini video for YOU to feel that Sakura energy!  🧚‍♀️

I recorded the videos, but the photos were mostly taken by my 89 father, Eiichi, an amateur photographer. During Sakura season, he went out almost every day to the parks and the streets to capture the peak of Sakura. He was receiving and dancing with Sakura energy!🌸

If you sometimes feel you need more energy, go out to find beauty close by. At your balcony, your garden, walking path or a park near you. You don’t need to travel that far. You’ll notice that the flowers and green are sending energy to you!