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🌸 Sending Love to Your Lovely Knees


Hello, Beautiful Self-Care Sister!

Did you have a chance to indulge your senses with last week’s power-smelling tips? If you haven’t found your favorite aroma yet, perhaps you'll find the one that sings to your soul soon. 🥰

This week’s spotlight is on your charming yet often-overlooked knees.

When was the last time you really touched or gave your knees a thoughtful glance?

Our knees tend to hide beneath pants or skirts, but as the temperature rises and summer blossoms, they’ll likely make a debut in shorts or swimsuits.

However, there's a summer 'hot' topic many women over 40 need to be aware of, especially during these sun-soaked months.

Did you know joint pains are extremely common during perimenopause, menopause, and beyond, often caused by a decline in hormones like estrogen and testosterone?

💡 In fact, each year in the U.S., about 10 million women visit their doctors for knee pain, often triggered by activities unrelated to sports. Astonishing, isn’t it?

Check out more details here: USF (University of San Francisco) Health.

Ready to show some love to your knees?


Here's my 3 Secret Tips:

🌸 Beware of Bare Knees Under the Air Conditioning

From the perspective of Chinese medicine, the chilly draft from the air conditioner can directly impact your body, potentially disrupting blood flow, especially in the lower regions.

It could contribute to chronic knee pain.

So, let's drape those knees gently under a soft throw when you're chilling out!


🌸 Give the Back of Your Knees Some Loving Touch

A delicate massage, just right, not too firm, can stimulate blood flow and ease the tension around your knees.

Need some self-massage guidelines? Just look here: American Massage Therapy Association.

A little tip from me - breathe rhythmically while massaging; it helps the muscles relax.


🌸 Check the Mobility of Your Knees BEFORE You Leap Out of Bed

This is a morning essential! Stretch, bend, and assess your knee condition before you start your day.

This routine will help you catch any discomfort at an early stage and guide you to use your muscles with care.

What's your experience with these tips?

Which one will you try this week? (Just hit reply to this email.)

I'm excited to share the insights and experiences of our sisterhood as we journey together in self-care. 💕

With all the self-care love,