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Stepping out of your comfort zone with the Power of Breath

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 Are you harnessing the power of your breath to optimize your health and push your limits?

Have you tried various methods to heal yourself naturally but haven't found the right solution?

I’m so honored to be on the Inspired WAVE Podcast hosted by my friend, CJ Rivard.

In this post, we’re going to explore the power of breath and how it can help us step out of our comfort zones.

By practicing breath work, we can help our bodies heal and feel more energetic and rejuvenated.

I shared my story about how a special breathing technique helped me overcome my allergy symptoms in my 20s, increase my productivity, and inspired me to create my own method with breathing as its foundation, to assist women experiencing perimenopause and menopause.

When I was in my twenties, I suffered from allergy rhinitis, which caused a runny nose, itchy eyes, and a blurry head. I thought my career was over because of the heavy symptoms I faced due to the allergy. I wanted to heal myself naturally because the pills made me feel sleepy and foggy.

So I looked for a way to heal and found a breathing technique taught by my mentor that helped me take in energy from the ground and breathe like a tree. This technique eventually healed my allergy.

While teaching the technique as his apprentice, I learned various forms of energy work and practiced martial arts type of exercises that I later applied in my full-time corporate job.

By elevating my energy, I not only healed my allergies but also experienced a significant increase in productivity and decisiveness in my decision-making. As a result, I was promoted to the position of deputy general manager.

It was a perfect balance of learning as an apprentice and applying those teachings to my daily life.

After leaving my corporate job, I blended all of my learning and practices into my own method called Energenic Life Design.

I now teach perimenopausal and menopausal women who are facing challenges in their work, life, and health. I help them learn how to increase their energy flow inside the body and use breathing techniques and other forms of inner mind and energy work as a means to heal themselves.

The reason I love helping women over 40 is that they have beautiful wisdom and experience, and I believe this sensitive transitional phase of life can be used to get to the next level and find balance. I believe my teaching comes down to mind and body balance, regaining health, and elevating energy.

My clients not only experience more productivity but also better relationships, career changes, including entrepreneurial journeys.

I strongly believe that we have yet to tap into the full potential of our bodies, and breathing work is one of the most powerful tools to fine-tune our own energetic potential, which I like to call the inner Fountain of Youth.

While it cannot be materialized visually, we can certainly feel its physical effects, such as feeling less tired and more refreshed in the mornings. We can tap into this potential if we allow ourselves to do so.

I'm having a lot of fun on YouTube, learning everything about it. I believe that trying something new or stepping out of our comfort zone is essential to live life to the fullest.

The power of energy work and breathing techniques lies in their ability to heal both the body and mind. 

By incorporating these practices into my life, I have been able to increase my productivity, energy levels, and overall well-being. 

What's more, I am a firm believer that these techniques can also help me grow personally and experience a deep sense of fulfillment in my life.

To watch the full interview episode, go to the @theinspiredwave on Youtube. 

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