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Thank You for the Gift of Life - My Birthday!

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Yesterday, I celebrated my 56th birthday!

"Our birthday is the day we breathed in this world for the first time. So let's celebrate for having received the gift of life", my breathing teacher, now 92 years old, often said on his birthday parties.

I felt the great happiness and appreciation of actually living the life I wanted and being able to take new challenges as a high performance coach and a breathing coach to make the life of the people around me a little better and joyful than yesterday.

This year, thanks to my friends' support, I was able to do a webinar on the career transformation and also completed the 21-Day Challenge of my TRUE Breathing program on my birthday!

My love goes to Yasushi, my dearest husband, my parents and family, my friends and all of you who are willing to share your passion and cheerful messages with the world.

Please give yourself a pat on the back on your birthdays!

Cheers to you!