The Perfect Gift I Received Recently - Moroccan Leathers Slippers

Gift selection requires a high level of sophistication, shows a person's personality and care for others. These Moroccan leather slippers are the perfect gift I received from the ladies co-workers when I left my corporate job. I am grateful for their thoughtfulness and admire the sense of humor and style.

Why are those slippers attracting my heart?

- Reminds me of the importance of "putting myself in the shoes of the others."

- Lets me feel the soles of my feet, and to check whether I am standing straight up in my new life journey

- I can say hello to the smiles on the slippers, same as their big smiles

When I put on the slippers, I am determined that I would be a role model for them and show life's possibilities.

What is the best gift you've given recently? Why is so? 


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