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Try a Quick Visualization Before Going to Bed

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One of the excellent sleeping techniques I couldn’t share with you in my recent webinar about sleep is a visualization technique.

If you haven’t done before, or even if you are already using some meditation or visualization technique, try this before going to bed. The nice thing about it is you can just add on to your daily practice. It is compatible with what you are doing right now.

This technique uses an image as the trigger to immerse you into a peaceful state of mind. Once you recall a safe, fulfilling emotion in you, your body also relaxes and releases its tension. That's why this technique is useful to shift your mind and body into feeling pleasant energy to guide us into a deep sleep. 

Let's get to the exercise (takes only a minute)!

  • Select a photo, a picture clipped from magazines or books which shows your image of “peace and happiness.” (It could be a picture of flowers, sea, green field, or sky, something that you love.)
  • Before going to bed, look at the picture for 5 seconds, and close your eyes.
    With your eyes closed, visualize the same image in your mind.
  • While keeping that image in mind, taking a deep breath three times and recall any peaceful and pleasant feelings you experienced in your days.
  • Immerse that happy feeling into your body with a deep breath and gently say to yourself, “I feel peace now. I’m OK.” three times.
  • It'll be more powerful to use the same picture and set it as your trigger image for a week or two and practice daily.

As an example of the image for your visualization, attached is a photo symbolizing peaceful energy of the season: “the plum blossom just starting to bloom. *This is a photo taken by my 89-year-old father. 

Close your eyes now and visualize the plum blossoms in your mind. Recall the feelings of peace and love you felt from the past experiences, and say to yourself,  “I feel peace now. I’m OK.” three times.

Sleep well!