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Why you might be feeling low energy

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Have you recently experienced any tiredness or being stuck in a negative mindset?

You might be feeling like you're always chasing something, the next thing, and don't have time to stop, and that is leaking your power. 

Have you ever considered what is really causing that low energy?

Most people often blame themselves or their brains and seek the doctor’s advice. 

Yes, I used to do the same thing until I learned a simple theory, practiced the secret technique I learned from my mentor and felt the different energy levels in my body. 

So if you’re feeling stuck with your energy, then you’re probably missing what you’re going to learn in this video.

Yes, it’s not your fault. You just haven’t learned or noticed the missing part until now.

A keyword is “oxygenation.”

"Breathing" is pillar No 2 of Miyako Energenic Life Design.

When you learn how to breathe properly using a new special way of breathing, you'll quickly notice that you are actually feeling more energy in your body.

It's time to turn on your innate power! 💕