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How Breathing Helped Yasushi's Healing Journey - Interview With My Husband

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We celebrated our #29th wedding anniversary this month. It seems like only yesterday, but in numbers, it sounds like quite a long time.

I want to say "Thank you so much!" for all your kind love and cheers on our social posts where I shared about my husband's recovery from his heart surgery last September. Especially this year, I'm feeling so grateful for what seems like everyday things.  

I then received many comments and questions about the power of breathing. That's why I interviewed my husband, Yasushi, and asked him to share his recovery process in his own words.

We initially thought it might be too personal but trusted the message I’ve got from the universe or what I call true-self, saying there's someone who needs to watch it. Maybe it's you, maybe not.

If you haven’t yet, you can watch the full interview.

You will know how breathing exercises helped him stay relaxed and heal quickly. Isn’t it what you need now to be more kind to your body?

We sincerely hope that his experience could help someone who might be facing physical hardship during these challenging times.

You are powerful, and you can access your innate power with breathing.  


If you want to know more about it, just message me. Much love to you.❤️