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Warning Signs of Peri/menopause


Have you ever felt a bit off, dealing with low energy and strange changes in your body?

You might be experiencing perimenopause, and you're not alone.

Today, I want to take you on an inspiring journey through the experiences of Jayne Nakata, a remarkable award-winning host of the #1 podcast for international women living in Japan.

Jayne shares her personal journey of everything she went through and how she finally came back to her ordinary life in a raw and honest conversation.

She candidly shared her story, the warning signs she encountered, and how she ultimately found relief and empowerment during her peri/menopause journey.

Let's delve into her inspiring story together and discover her valuable advice for women going through the physical challenges of peri/menopause or menopause.


The Awakening: Recognizing the Warning Signs

As Jayne Nakata began sharing her story, it was evident how deeply her journey impacted her.

"It was a sort of a major crash," Jayne said, describing the gradual ebbing away of her confidence and vitality during peri/menopause.

She noticed sudden changes in her body and constant exhaustion that she initially attributed to life circumstances and the challenges of living through the pandemic.

However, she slowly realized that these signs were more than just coincidences; they were the subtle warnings of perimenopause.


Seeking Support and Understanding: A Journey of Mindset

Like many women, Jayne found it challenging to talk about what she was going through, feeling like her vibrant, energetic self was slipping away.

"I took a long time to connect it to perimenopause," she confessed.

But embracing a positive mindset and practicing mindfulness allowed her to view herself from above, gaining the courage to seek help and find answers. "I was able to go to the doctor and say, 'Help!'"

Jayne felt relieved that she no longer had to go through it alone.


Nurturing the Body: Lifestyle Changes for Relief

In her quest for relief, Jayne finally could turn to lifestyle changes to support her physical health during peri/menopause.

"I knew something had to change," she said.

Adopting a healthier diet became essential, as her body no longer accepted gluten and dairy as it once did. "I felt like I'm a baby again," Jayne laughed.

Realizing she needed to rekindle her love for nourishing foods. Additionally, she embraced exercise again as a powerful tool to boost her energy levels, improve her metabolism, and regain strength.


Empowering Transformations: Embracing Change

As Jayne continued on her transformative journey, she emphasized the importance of embracing change and finding support in each other.

"You deserve to feel better," she encouraged, acknowledging that peri/menopause is a significant update to the software of our bodies.

It allowed her to reevaluate priorities and let go of what no longer served her. "You can get out of it," she assured, offering hope to women facing similar challenges.


Advice and Tips for Empowerment: A Path Forward

As our conversation neared its conclusion, Jayne passionately shared her advice for women going through peri/menopause or menopause.

"The hardest thing was to talk to somebody about it," she revealed.

Her personal journey taught her the importance of finding someone to confide in and seek help.

She also urged women to be kind to themselves, prioritize self-care, and embrace the transformations they were experiencing.



Jayne Nakata's empowering journey through peri/menopause serves as an inspiration to women facing the physical challenges of this transformative phase.

Recognizing the warning signs, seeking support, and adopting lifestyle changes can pave the way for relief and empowerment.

Embrace the changes, prioritize self-care, and remember that you deserve to feel better.

As we navigate this journey together, let's break the silence, support one another, and empower each other to embrace peri/menopause with grace, confidence, and vitality.

Together, we can find relief and emerge stronger, ready to embrace the new chapters of our lives with open arms.


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