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breathing energy food health Feb 22, 2021

When you feel a little drained, what do you usually do?

Many people rely on receiving cheerful energy from their friends or taking in more food, drinks, or supplementation trying to get energy.

How much of these apply to you?

If you are trying to get energy from someone or something from external sources, have you already recognized the message that you’ve been sending to your subconscious mind?


Watch this video to learn what you might want to do instead.

This is a proven practical strategy that I learned from my mentor, Master Kozo Nishino, a Japanese ki-expert, during my 30+ years of apprenticeship with him. 


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Book a Complimentary Energy Discovery Call

When you leave the call, you'll have more clarity on the practical solution to increase your energy so...

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Why you might be feeling low energy


Have you recently experienced any tiredness or being stuck in a negative mindset?

You might be feeling like you're always chasing something, the next thing, and don't have time to stop, and that is leaking your power. 

Have you ever considered what is really causing that low energy?

Most people often blame themselves or their brains and seek the doctor’s advice. 

Yes, I used to do the same thing until I learned a simple theory, practiced the secret technique I learned from my mentor and felt the different energy levels in my body. 

So if you’re feeling stuck with your energy, then you’re probably missing what you’re going to learn in this video.

Yes, it’s not your fault. You just haven’t learned or noticed the missing part until now.

A keyword is “oxygenation.”

"Breathing" is pillar No 2 of Miyako Energenic Life Design.

When you learn how to breathe properly using a new special way of breathing, you'll quickly notice...

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Do you have a clear image of your ideal body?


Do you have a clear image of your ideal body?

It's not surprising that so many people I talk to don't have a clear image of their ideal body.

I get it. 

Because when you're 40 or up, it feels a little scary and embarrassing to even think about your "ideal" body shape or physical state. 

Have you ever noticed that there is a part of you telling that it isn't possible or it's not your story?

In this video, I talked about why it's crucial to have a clear image of your body, especially after reaching a midlife point. Once you have that image implanted in your subconscious, it will be your blueprint for regeneration to get a healthier, fitter, more powerful body.

Do you want to stay in the wrong version of yourself, or are you willing to discover a new possibility to mold your body to become an energetic, younger version of you?

This "Self-Image" is the pillar No1 of Miyako Energenic Life Design.

If you are serious about stop leaking your energy and turn on your cellular...

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How Do You Nurture Yourself?


During these days, it is so vital to take care of yourself to maintain your health and vitality.

Have you realized that you’re putting yourself at the bottom of your own list of priorities?

Why it's difficult for many people to love and nurture themselves?

I know... We can hear our voices saying…

"I'm not good enough, I'm not worthy, or I don't deserve it now ..."

By beating yourself up, what are you doing to your body?

How can you love yourself and feel positive energy even more?

In this video, I talked about a practical strategy that I've been using to develop my unbreakable love for myself.

I'm inviting you to try the strategy and let you discover the power of self-nurturing.

Have fun with it!


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Have You Checked Yourself in the Mirror?


When was the last time you looked at yourself really closely in the mirror?

I get it. 

When I got 30 and up, looking at myself in the mirror made me feel a little uncomfortable. I even found myself avoiding it!

Can you relate?

But after all these years of practicing daily little habits that keep me in shape and stay healthy and vibrant, I realized that checking myself in the mirror is the most precious gift you can give yourself.   

You may probably already noticed that when you go to the doctors, in this day and age, many doctors even don't see your face or body. They just read the numbers and prescribe medicines...

So what can you do to protect your health with simple daily care?

Watch this video to learn the 5 facial points you want to check every single morning. 

As you practice it daily, your skill of observing yourself will improve dramatically. 

And you know what?  You'll get to love yourself even more.

Take time and allow yourself to see your...

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The 3 Biggest Mistakes - Setting Intentions for 2021


Have you already set intentions for 2021? How are they working for you after a week? 

As far as our goals go, statistics show that by the first week, 27% of us abandon our goals. At the two-week mark, 31% of people quit.

For me, after many years of bitter lessons that I’ve learned during my corporate career, I now know that setting intentions is more effective and powerful to follow through than writing goals. 

So when setting intentions, what are the 3 biggest mistakes that people often make?  

Based on my 30+ years of experience as an energenic coach, what I've observed are:

  • Without "Kokoro-zashi" (This is a Japanese Kanji symbol for something really important.)
  • Just a list of many wishes
  • Not using their entire body 

Watch this video and make your intentions even stronger by injecting your energy. 

What if you can make intentions even stronger by injecting your energy? 

Try this out and I’d love to see your amazing expansion in...

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How to Better Communicate with Your Body

Uncategorized Jan 03, 2021

Are you taking a pause to celebrate good health with your body?

People often ask me, "I know I have to listen to my body, but it's so hard. My mind is keeping me busy all the time."

Today, I shared a little but effective tip to better communicate with your body.

What's the secret?

It's that special technique you've probably already been using to communicate with your little kid or loved ones.

It's the power of a whisper.

It is considered the most common trigger for ASMR feelings, which stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response. ASMA is a term coined in 2010 to describe "sounds that feel good," relaxing tingling sensation you feel physically.

When you start using this technique, your body will gradually open up the communication gate with your mind. I'll let you discover for yourself. 

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The Story of a Baby Falcon - The Lesson I Learned


Have you recently tried to save a little animal that you met by chance?

This week’s story is about a baby Falcon. 

When I heard this story from Vivianne, a dear client of mine, it suddenly warmed my heart. 

I know I needed to share this beautiful story with someone who might be waiting to hear this message from me. Maybe it’s you …, maybe not ...

But when I sat in front of the camera, the words didn’t come out easily. I stuttered a lot, trying to find the right words. I kept checking in my emotional vibe, thinking whether I was conveying my energy of gratitude in a way that you can receive. 

I did terrible in the video, but here it is. 

Because I believe that you might be the one who needs to hear the message.  

It may sound like a sad story to you. But it’s NOT. 

The lessons I learned…

Whenever you give out of pure unconditional love, somebody will receive that energy from you. 

Your energy flows. Let...

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How To Be More Present


Have you ever had a moment when you felt like this?

  • I’m always chasing something, the next thing...
  • My mind is racing. I can’t focus on what's in front of me...

If you're already noticing that "you're not present," let me applaud you. Because many people don’t even recognize what they are doing.

Back in my corporate days, one time, I had lunch with my close friend. But I didn't remember the conversation with her or even what I had on my plate!

Because I was out of focus, thinking about the frustrating conversation I had with my boss just before I met her...

Can you relate?

How about you? Are you being in the moment when you are having conversations with your spouse, kids, or your family over dinner? 

Have you considered that feeling present is a choice... 

Yes, we can make a choice at every moment...

But it's not easy ... 

So, what can we do instead? 

Check out this short video.

When you watch this video, you'll know how to be more...

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How To Deal With Energy Vampires


Have you ever dealt with energy vampires? You might see them often around you.

They drain your energy after the conversation and even make you wonder why you feel so low or shaky.

Do you want to know the categories of vampires that drain your energy? How can you take the first step to block those vampires energetically?

Here are the 3 main categories:

  • Preditor
  • Drowning Person
  • Iago

The Predator is the category that is very easy to notice. They catch you and have a clear intention to attack you. They send their negative energy to you. 

The second category is the Drowning person. They are in such low energy mode and want to grab someone's arm and take that person together down deep. 

The third category is the Iago type. These are the people who, on the surface, look nice and kind but have something underneath. 

Just think about this…

Who is allowing that to happen? Attracting them energetically?

Check out the full video here, “How to Deal with Energy...

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