How Breathing Helped Yasushi's Healing Journey - Interview With My Husband

We celebrated our #29th wedding anniversary this month. It seems like only yesterday, but in numbers, it sounds like...

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Is It Ok to Yawn?


Have you ever tried to stop yawning? 

In my breathing training, many students ask me, "Is it OK to...

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Are You Relaxing Your Eyes Before Sleep?


You’re an incredibly busy woman. You work all day on your phone or your computer because, well, you...

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Why Face Yoga Might Make You Look Older


Have You Tried Face Yoga? 

Because I have, over 10 years ago. 

If you haven’t, here are a...

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Are Your Body and Mind Disconnected?

Have you ever experienced that there is some disconnect between your mind and body? 
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Don't Try to Get Energy


Don’t Try to Get Energy From External Sources! 

I bet you know someone who’s obsessed with...

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Why you might be feeling low energy

Have you recently experienced any tiredness or being stuck in a negative mindset?

You might be feeling like you're...

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How To Be More Present


I’d say that the question I get the most from my friends and clients is: “how can I be more...

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