What's Your Meaning of Staying Young?

stay young Nov 01, 2019

What Does Staying Young Mean to You?

I talked about the meaning of staying young for each of us. 

The one keyword I shared from my experience was “dignity.”

We all know that staying young doesn’t happen overnight.

The people who found the clear meaning and emotional value of staying young and how it means to their lives are committed to taking action, investing their time and energy to take care of their body and mind daily. That will totally change their quality of life.

What are your stories and the meaning? What can you do today?

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How to Use a Shower or Bath Before Bed to Sleep Better

sleep Oct 26, 2019

Are you taking a warm shower or bath at night?  In this video, I talked about how you can effectively use a night warm shower or bath to let you sleep deeper. 

  1. Why taking a warm shower or bath helps you to fall asleep
  2. What’s the best time to take a warm shower or bath?  1- 2 hours before sleep  
  3. Self-massage you can do to relax your neck in the shower or bath 

The important thing is to be more mindful of your sleep.

Let's take a warm shower before bed to improve your sleep and revitalize your life!


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How to Have a Difficult Conversation


Have you ever waited too long to discuss any problem with someone?

In this video, I talked about a difficult conversation you must face at some point in our daily life.

I shared the strategy recommended by Shannon Thompson in the blog issued by High Performance Institute (check the link in the comment) and also my tips from the energy-communication perspective.

Let’s work on your thing, any kind of difficult conversation that you’ve been avoiding for a while. 

I walked you through, the three checkpoints we need to confirm before entering into any difficult conversation and the strategy of following the four stages:  

  1. “What happened” conversation
  2. “Feelings” conversation
  3. “Future” conversation
  4. “Identity” conversation 

If you want to learn more about the strategies of high performers and discuss your particular issues, contact me with a Messenger so that we can set up a strategy call. 

Try your new...

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Is WHAT You Eat All That Matters?

energy food stay young Oct 11, 2019

Check this video on HOW to eat. 

I've learned the habits you should develop from my 93-year-old breathing teacher. He is still maintaining an extreme level of energy.

I'm still working on them in every meal. 

Here are the 3 Eating Habits You Need to Check.

  1. Chewing: Chew 30 times before you swallow
  2. Posture:  Stay upright and breathe deeply 
  3. Emotion: Choose to stay happy and calm during your meals

As one of my mentors, Brendon Burchard would say, "Common sense is not always common practice."  So, let's be conscious about HOW you eat and practice them daily to stay young and healthy!

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How to Choose a Pillow. My 3 Tips to Get Better Sleep

sleep Oct 04, 2019

Have you thought about what pillow is best for you?

If you're feeling stiffness around your neck or shoulders, check this video to learn my three tips on how to pick the right pillow to sleep better.

  1. Height
  2. Filling
  3. Size 

Let's sleep deeply and revitalize our life.

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3 Things You Need to Know About Your Sleep Position

sleep Sep 27, 2019

Did you know about your best sleep position?

Here is my recommendation.

  1. Best to sleep on your back

 You can relax your spine, neck, and stomach naturally and use gravity to keep your body in an even alignment over your spine. Also, you can absorb the energy from the universe with your entire body by lying horizontally.

  1. Switch sides

  If you're having difficulty sleeping on your back due to snoring or sleep apnea, try to switch sides during sleep. If you sleep only on one side, gravity and pressure can even damage your teeth. And it will add wrinkles on one side of your face.

  1. Tossing and turning in bed is good for your body's natural healing

  This teaching is coming from Mr. Haruchika Noguchi, a founding father of Japanese chiropractic (Seitai). He recommended freeing our body and move naturally during sleep to adjust our body on our own. I've been doing this for over 2 decades. When I wake up, I feel more energy circulation throughout my body.


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Why I Created Staying Young with Energy on Facebook

stay young Sep 20, 2019

I wanted to introduce myself and share why I created Staying Young with Energy on Facebook.

Check it from here.



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Happy Mother’s Day!

Sending love and respect to all great mothers on this planet!

Sayako, my 83 years-old-mother, is the sunshine of our family. Back in my school days, we used to often go to our favorite Chinese restaurant in Yokohama Chinatown for our family weekend dinner. An old Chinese restaurant owner greeted us. Every time we visited there, he loved to hold my mother’s hands and said, “You are like a Kannon, Goddess of Mercy and sunlight.” I believe he was feeling the warmth and motherly energy in Sayako.

She learned to use her Android smartphone and now communicating with her grandchildren using “LINE,” a popular communication app in Japan. She is our family hub.

When I first shared my intention to retire from the corporate job and enter into a totally new field of business as a coach serving international clients, she immediately supported me and pushed me to go on. She still is my biggest cheerleader.

With my two sisters, we are proud to have Sayako as our...

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What Can You Celebrate Today?

We celebrated our 27th wedding anniversary last week!

We didn’t go out. Just like our regular weekend menu, we had our favorite Sardin fillets with tomato sauce, stir-fried broccoli and lotus root, five grains rice and miso soup, with a bottle of red Spanish wine.

It’s nice to have an anniversary to reflect on our long journey together. But, at our age of 57 and 56, we still believe that our future is much more exciting than the fix old past!

We're grateful for having enough energy and passion for looking forward and support each other to reach for our dreams.

One of the strategies that have been working well for our growing relationship is to celebrate something small every day. When we decide to celebrate something little daily:

  • Our conscious and sub-conscious minds start to search to fill in the contents
  • The focus of attention naturally moves to the positive side
  • The emotional and physical energy boosts and expands between us

You may be doing this already, but if...

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Do You Feel You Have Enough Energy? This is for YOU!


Do you feel you have enough energy?

Sometimes we feel we want to have quick access to our energy.

We can breathe deeply, take a walk, jogging, trying some meditation, or fill our stomach with tasty, nutritious plates.

But, one thing that really helps me, and maybe you too is to see the beauty around us. Especially, the bright, vibrant energy of flowers.

Now that Sakura (Cherry Blossoms) season is almost over. This year, I had such a marvelous time with Sakura that I couldn't hold the radiant energy I was blessed to receive from Sakura only within me.

That’s why I created this mini video for YOU to feel that Sakura energy!  

I recorded the videos, but the photos were mostly taken by my 89 father, Eiichi, an amateur photographer. During Sakura season, he went out almost every day to the parks and the streets to capture the peak of Sakura. He was receiving and dancing with Sakura energy!

If you sometimes feel you need more energy, go out to find beauty close by. At...

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