Butterfly Takes Me to the Future Best in Me

energy personal-growth Oct 11, 2018

During my morning walk, a butterfly came close and danced around me.

I stood there not to make a noise, watching the movement.

For me, the butterfly represents an image of transformation. That’s why I wanted to have a design of the butterfly in my brand logo so that people can visualize our future self by exploring the best in ourselves.

Do you have an image of future you? How high is she flying?

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How about a Cup of “Apple and Beans in Hot Wine”?

energy food living Oct 09, 2018

It's autumn! What will you be drinking to feel joy on a bit cool day?

From the wisdom of eastern medicine, I learned the importance of warming up my body from inside especially during this time of year to boost metabolism.

"Apple and beans in hot wine" is my favorite drink.

Roast black soybeans in a saucepan, pour red wine, add chopped apples, water, and cinnamon stick, and simmer for 20 minutes. To finish, add celery leaves to give extra aroma and flavor.

I love the sweet smell of apple and wine from the kitchen while waiting. Makes me feel relaxed and happy at home. After separating the liquid for drinking, I also eat remaining apple source and beans full of fiber. Delicious, healthy diet.

I learned the recipe in a book four years ago, and still, can't miss this homemade drink. Try it!


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2018 High Performance Academy "My Big A-Ha"


I recorded this video yesterday on the last day of High Performance Academy held from September 19 to 23 at Phoenix, Arizona.

I knew the reason why I came all the way from Japan on a flight for nearly 10 hours because I got the key message from the event.

  1. Never let your past or your circumstances limit your vision for the future
  2. Start before you get ready
  3. Confidence is not something you already have, but something you generate    (Those are the teaching from our mentor, Brendon Burchard.)

This big-aha was especially meaningful, and I could vividly associate with my story at this stage in life. Up until last year, I have been working for a large Japanese corporation for 34 years, and after attending one of Brendon’s event, I decided to leave the company to become a solo entrepreneur as a high performance coach and the breathing coach at the age 54.

In July, I took a personal stylist Diploma at the London College of Style and became a personal stylist. Because I...

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The Perfect Gift I Received Recently - Moroccan Leathers Slippers

Gift selection requires a high level of sophistication, shows a person's personality and care for others. These Moroccan leather slippers are the perfect gift I received from the ladies co-workers when I left my corporate job. I am grateful for their thoughtfulness and admire the sense of humor and style.

Why are those slippers attracting my heart?

- Reminds me of the importance of "putting myself in the shoes of the others."

- Lets me feel the soles of my feet, and to check whether I am standing straight up in my new life journey

- I can say hello to the smiles on the slippers, same as their big smiles

When I put on the slippers, I am determined that I would be a role model for them and show life's possibilities.

What is the best gift you've given recently? Why is so? 

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Believe in Your Goal Image

When a senior co-worker gave a farewell speech, he was in a dark grey suit the eyes full of tears. He left the office with a bouquet of flowers. We thanked him and wished him a bright future, but I couldn't see his spirit from the back of his grey suit. He left his soul somewhere in the company.

I was 24. At that moment, I made a vow to myself not to lose my soul at work. When I leave, I would say goodbye to my fellow workmates and graduate from the company with excitement and joy like a 20-year-old girl.

When I finally left the company after 30 years, at the farewell party, I shared this story with my young workmates. I realized that I was true to my vow. During all these years of struggles and accomplishments, this vow supported me to be at the finishing line just as I imaged and believed. I left the company with a big smile.

Believe in your goal image. Your inner energy will support you on the road.

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Do You Have a Dream?

Do you have a dream?

When I left the company I worked for 34 years at 54 and decided to transform my career into a high performance coach, a breathing coach, and a personal stylist, people around me said, "Oh, you're brave!"

I simply followed my heart’s desire.

A friend in 50s said, "I envy you.” I asked, “Why envy? I’m leaving the company. I haven’t achieved anything yet.” She answered, “Because you have a dream."

Her face was serious. When I looked at her, I saw a feeling of sorry for her true self.

In our workplace, people don’t often share their dream outside the scope of the corporate mission and objectives.

I cheered her on with all my energy and said, "A dream will not find you today. Start asking yourself, what is it that I am so attracted? What do you love most in your life? What do you like to accomplish more?"

Send your energy to that direction and draw them closer to you every day.

 Cheers to your dream!

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A Karaoke Stretch Goal for My Parents and Father-in-Law


As a high performance coach, I love to test great teachings and tips in my daily life.

Today is about the stretch goal. How can I spend an exciting and joyful time together with my 90-year-old father-in-law, 88-year-old father, and 82-year-old mother?

I planned a Karaoke party. Two weeks before the party, I asked them to select a signature song and to prepare for my iPhone video recording. They laughed but got serious.

Now the Karaoke party! Can you feel the vibrancy and passion they poured into the songs under a little pressure? It's amazing how they are attached to the playful and challenging spirits. Would you like to try? So much fun!

Even for a family party, the stretch goal worked. When we set a stretch goal, we cannot be the same as yesterday and must do something different from today. If we say, "Yes, I will do it!", our energy expands no matter how old we are. Let's set a stretch goal with fun!

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A Little Girl in Me

A little girl in me is growing. She is passionate and joyful in whatever she does.

During my 34 years in a corporate job, I knew the little girl in me was there, but I tried not to show her at work. I trained myself to display an intelligent adult part of me.

After I left the corporate world and changed my career to coaching, the little girl in me came alive.

I realized she was the source of my pure energy. As I appreciate her being, nurture her grow like your own child, she is becoming a more significant part of me.

Have you noticed a little girl or boy in you?

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Welcome, Negative Self-Talk! Welcome, Frustration!

When I noticed a gap between my projection and the reality that I was not achieving at a pace I wanted, I feel frustrated. I heard myself saying, "You don't have enough skills and expertise. Your plan was too optimistic." There is a resistance in me to accept that I am not good enough.

These negative self-reactions are connected to my old triggers, past failures, the criticism from others or common sense.

After several weeks of focusing on my negative self-reactions and the feelings attached, I noticed the following:

  1. Negative self-reactions consume my energy and arise when I am not in motion with positive energy flow
  2. When observing your emotion closely, they are noticeable
  3. They work as the yellow cards trying to warn me that I am not here and present

So, what can we do to change the gear toward our positive energy?

- Breathing exercise: Breath deeply three times; reconnect to our body energy.

- Ask, "What do I need to focus now? What is important for me here and right now?"


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My Husband, Yasushi's Birthday!

Yesterday, we celebrated my husband's 57th birthday!
Yasushi has given me the courage to transform my career.
I appreciate his patience and warmth for letting me be my true self and be more and serve more!
With a fantastic level of disciplines and daily habits, he maintains a youthful mind and body like 30's.

He is a political scientist and a director of the Best-in-me Academy.
Myself 55 and Yasushi 57, our passion is to experiment with daily tips and habits to stay young and joyful and share them with you!

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