Don't Try to Get Energy


Don’t Try to Get Energy From External Sources! 

I bet you know someone who’s obsessed with...

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Why you might be feeling low energy

Have you recently experienced any tiredness or being stuck in a negative mindset?

You might be feeling like you're...

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Do you have a clear image of your ideal body?

Fall in Love With the Person You See in the Mirror. Let the Miyako Diamond Self-Image Method™ Be Your Guide....

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How Do You Nurture Yourself?


If you’re like me and many of my friends and clients, you must like to grow plants. 

If you do,...

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Have You Checked Yourself in the Mirror?

When was the last time you looked at yourself really closely in the mirror?

I get it. 

When I got 30 and up,...

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The 3 Biggest Mistakes - Setting Intentions for 2021

There’s a lot happening around the world right now, but I already feel a fantastically high level of energy...

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How to Better Communicate with Your Body


Your body can speak to you, you know. And you could listen to it--if only you knew how to properly ...

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The Story of a Baby Falcon - The Lesson I Learned

Have you recently tried to save a little animal that you met by chance?

This week’s story is about a baby...

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