How Does Your Body Feel About 5G


Welcome to this week's Miyako Energenic Life Design Newsletter!

Are you using 5G cellular phones?

I wonder...

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How to Manage Your Energy?


Have you ever felt like your energy is just out of control? You might be having a hard time maintaining peace...

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Have You Checked Your Back Silhouette?


Have you recently had a chance to take a look at yourself from the back? 

I get it. Because most people...

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Are You Breathing Through Your Nose?


Are you aware of how you are breathing right now?

You might probably already heard that breathing through...

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Are You Using Your Hand Sensors?

Have you ever thought about the sensory function of your hands?

Yes, the movement of your hands like when you play...

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How Breathing Helped Yasushi's Healing Journey - Interview With My Husband

We celebrated our #29th wedding anniversary this month. It seems like only yesterday, but in numbers, it sounds like...

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Is It Ok to Yawn?


Have you ever tried to stop yawning? 

In my breathing training, many students ask me, "Is it OK to...

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Are Your Nails Growing Strong?


Are you happy with your nails?

When I see magazines or blogs, many of us are attempting to grow our nails...

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