Happy Motherโ€™s Day!

Sending love and respect to all great mothers on this planet!

Sayako, my 83 years-old-mother, is the sunshine of our...

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What Can You Celebrate Today?

We celebrated our 27th wedding anniversary last week!

We didn’t go out. Just like our regular weekend menu, we...

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Do You Feel You Have Enough Energy? This is for YOU!

Do you feel you have enough energy?

Sometimes we feel we want to have quick access to our energy.

We can breathe...

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A Tip for Sleeping Well - How to Grow a Connection with Your Spouse

What score would you give on your relationship with your spouse or your closest loved ones? We know our relationship...

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Try an Easy Little Tip to Clear Your Thought

What would you do when you want to clear your thought?

I took a walk, my daily routine, and there it was.

The shadow...

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Are You Filling Your Plate with Joy before Serving Others?

I made countless mistakes during my corporate career. But the one that took my energy away most was this.

After being...

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Feel Achieving Your Dream and Get to Sleep

Do you have a dream? Even a tiny one is OK.

When you achieved your dream, what would that make you feel?

I really...

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Try a Quick Visualization Before Going to Bed

One of the excellent sleeping techniques I couldn’t share with you in my recent webinar about sleep is a...

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