How I Got Rid of an Allergy and Developed My Energy with Breathing

When I started working for a Japanese corporation at 22, it was still a male-dominant workplace. I had to serve tea...

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Do You Notice Yourself Procrastinating?

Do you notice yourself procrastinating?

Ever since I introduced my breathing method to the group of audience at the...

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Feeling the Energy from the Ground

Have you ever felt the energy from the ground?

Because of my breathing exercise taking in energy from the ground like...

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Celebrating Turkey's Republic Day!

A reception party for Turkey's Republic Day in Tokyo.

Yasushi, my husband, and I went to the reception party for...

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Go Out for a Breath Break!

Crisp sunny, autumn day. Go out for a break. Put your iPhone down. Don't check your e-mails.

Take a moment for a deep...

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Edible Chrhysanthemum Lights up Your Table

Have you tried edible flowers? Maybe you've had some with your green salads or organic appetizers. In Japan,...

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Celebrated My Parents' Birthdays!

We celebrated my parents' birthdays with my family. My father, Eiichi 89, and my mother, Sayako 83.

I'm the middle of...

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What's Your Favorite Bed Lamp for Deep Sleep?

As autumn deepens, now is the excellent time to think about improving the quality of our sleep.

Dim, soft light...

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