A Smile is for YOU!

Yes, it was a hard day.
But I made it! One step more.

When you feel overwhelmed and need a rescue, 
find a little thing you can smile at.
It could be a picture of flowers, a dog, a kitten, anything you like.
Take a nice deep breath, look at the picture and there you go.
You will feel your energy...

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Happy Mother's Day!


When I am with my mother, I feel the awe for motherhood and sense the moment of eternity connecting the thread of lives.

I appreciate your presence and I appreciate my being.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the beautiful mothers in the world!



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Joy with Roses Aroma!

Now is the best time of roses! Even my roses in the back balcony have many buds this year. The aroma of roses makes me feel so happy and fulfilling. Let's breathe in deeply the sweet and raspberry-like aroma!

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Cherry Blossoms (Sakura) 2018


Here is the video of Sakura (cherry blossoms), the ordinary scenes you'll find in the Japanese living. The words for Cherry blossoms (Sakura) is purity and elegant beauty. Because Sakura flowers bloom briefly and scatter, they are often symbolized as an example of ephemeral beauty.
But why are we...

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26th Wedding Anniversary!

Today we are celebrating 26th Wedding Anniversary!
It seems like just a few years ago, but actually, we are together for a quarter of a century!
I am thankful to my husband, Yasushi, for his love, patience, and support, especially at the time of the transition period giving me the courage to step...

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