Do You Notice Yourself Procrastinating?

Do you notice yourself procrastinating?

Ever since I introduced my breathing method to the group of audience at the World Greatest Speaker's Training last November, I've been pondering how can I share the technique I've been practicing for 30 years online with the international students. So, I started to learn about the online business.

My friends asked me to teach them in English (I usually train in Japanese) and this is one of the reasons for my procrastination. But, after I looked deeper into my self-talk, I found that I've been unconsciously comparing myself with 92-year-old breathing teacher.

Because he still has and develops such powerful physical energy, I've thought I need to learn and study more before I present my self with the larger audience. I waited too long to get ready and prepared. I was scared.

One day after the coaching calls on negative self-talk, I suddenly realized that my friends are waiting to learn the breathing method and they want to learn from me! I can...

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Feeling the Energy from the Ground

breathing energy Nov 01, 2018

Have you ever felt the energy from the ground?

Because of my breathing exercise taking in energy from the ground like a tree, I have developed an acute sense of feeling the energy with my feet.

The most dynamic energy I've sensed from the ground was in Kenya when I stepped out from the car to visit a chrysanthemum plantation during my business trip almost 25 years ago.

There must be so many places in the world I've never visited with that earthy power. People search and visit those power spots, but do you know what?

The power spot is just beneath your feet, the ground where you are standing now! You don't need to take a long trip to the other side of the world. All you need to do is to develop your body senses of catching that energy from the ground by changing the way you breathe. I'd love to share more about the importance of breathing in my following posts!

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Celebrating Turkey's Republic Day!

living personal-growth Oct 28, 2018

A reception party for Turkey's Republic Day in Tokyo.

Yasushi, my husband, and I went to the reception party for Turkey's Republic Day in Tokyo. Almost 20 years ago, I asked for one year leave from my company, went to Turkey with Yasushi, and studied for an MBA in Ankara with young Turkish classmates.

I didn't know anything about Turkey, but after learning the Turkish language, the culture, and getting to know beautiful people and the tasty traditional cuisine, Turkey has become my second mother country!

It's so exciting to learn from other cultures to get inspired and challenge your existing beliefs.

Have you ever visited Turkey?


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Go Out for a Breath Break!

breathing energy Oct 24, 2018

Crisp sunny, autumn day. Go out for a break. Put your iPhone down. Don't check your e-mails.

Take a moment for a deep breath enjoying fresh air coming into your body.

Feel the air around you, holding and embracing you. What a joy! Air is abundant. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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Edible Chrhysanthemum Lights up Your Table

energy food living Oct 23, 2018

Have you tried edible flowers? Maybe you've had some with your green salads or organic appetizers. In Japan, edible chrysanthemum is our favorite traditional food on the market during autumn.

Rich in Vitamin B2, C and E, and chlorogenic acid, now getting more popular as a healthy food with the benefit of antioxidant protection.

 Just boil the flower petals for a few minutes with a spoonful of vinegar, take them out from the boiling water, add vinegar and soy sauce.

I love the color, sweet and slightly bitter taste, and herbal scent of chrysanthemum. Thanks for the breeders worked hard to improve the edible varieties; they bring joy to our senses. I hope you can try them someday, maybe in Japan!

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Celebrated My Parents' Birthdays!

breathing energy living Oct 20, 2018

We celebrated my parents' birthdays with my family. My father, Eiichi 89, and my mother, Sayako 83.

I'm the middle of the three sisters, and including my mother, we are still like four high-spirited sisters and going-my-way father. We are so blessed to have the broad-minded parents, always cheering the girls to take in new challenges in life.

Eiichi had a heart pacemaker implant surgery 12 years ago and overcame a stomach cancer nine years ago (took out 2/3 of the stomach). He's now an amateur photographer attracted to express his feelings in the image. Sayako injured her back three years ago but now can move around without much pain. She's an amateur makeup specialist for ladies over 80. A lot of little tricks of covering bruises and wrinkles.

Breathing exercise they continue once a week is helping them, our family, to keep young and generate more energy to feel joy in life!

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What's Your Favorite Bed Lamp for Deep Sleep?

living sleep Oct 18, 2018

As autumn deepens, now is the excellent time to think about improving the quality of our sleep.

Dim, soft light before bedtime helps our optic nerve to relax and get ready for a deep sleep. Avoid LED, blue lights, or sharp white lights two hours before sleep.

 I got this bed lamp more than15 years ago at a bedclothes store. Before purchase, I was looking for just the right bed lamp for us, and I visualized the shape, the shade, and the weight of my ideal taste. One day, I jumped with joy to find the same light I envisioned. Ever since, still delivering the excellent sleep for me.

What's your favorite bed lamp for your deep sleep?



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How Not to be Overwhelmed by Your TODO Items

Do you use a TODO list?

I used to list up 20 TODO items in the morning, chased by the meeting after meeting schedule as a deputy general manager of a procurement division. Unexpected claims from marketing and sales divisions got in the way so I couldn't complete all. I felt ashamed, feeling not enough. The heavy cloud of lack was taking my energy.

After learning the habits of the high performers from the book and the online course, I changed my strategy. Every morning, I wrote down the top three projects that were important for me to give focus. Also, I made sure to include the one that was coming from my heart desire.

With this new habit, I felt more productive than before. I can say to myself, "I'm moving. I've done my best learning and taking actions. I'm getting closer to my goal!"

Give yourself a hug and say, "I've done a job. I'm getting better", and try the new strategy from tomorrow to start feeling productive again!


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Have You Experienced a State of Calmness during Needlework?

Yesterday, I mended a frayed sleeve of my husband's favorite cashmere sweater bought in Turkey.

I've rarely done the needlework or knitting for I need patience, but while listening to my favorite "La Campanella" piano by Fujiko Hemming, I felt a soothing sense of peace, like during the mediation or the breathing exercise. My breath was soft and deep.

You can't be frustrated or too excited during the needlework. Calm down and watch your needle. The stitch mirrors your state of mind.

Have you tried the needlework, recently? What have you felt?

During the chilly Autumn night, try some needlework to feel good.

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Are You Living the Life You Truly Want?


Are you living the life you truly want?

You may say, "I'm fine. I have a decent job, I love my family and our dog. I get tired a little but I can handle this."

Well, that's good. But just listen to yourself again. Somewhere in your heart, don't you hear a tiny voice crying out?

In my 40s, I experienced a feeling of a lack, something is missing in my life. I was passionate about the projects at work and enjoyed the relationship with my husband, but when I listened closely to the voice inside of me,  I noticed this "not enough" feeling.

It was a bit scary but when I faced with honesty to the deep cry of my heart, I was able to begin and dig deeper into the self-awareness journey for over ten years. I read motivational books like crazy and attended more than 50 seminars and online courses.

After finding a way to connect with my true self, I could love who I am and who I will be and take a bold action to leave a corporate job and start an entirely new career at 55.

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